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Why is Pune a highly preferred destination for settling down for the NRIs?

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Why is Pune a highly preferred destination for settling down for the NRIs?

NRIs are in fact considered differently in India, due to lifestyle, social status and successful careers. The common perception about NRIs is that they lead a highly comfortable life and that is also worry-free. However, the reality is completely contrary to what it seems. Undoubtedly, NRIs lead a premium life with wealth and comfort, but they usually suffer emotionally by staying away from their homes. More than they do, they often feel worried and unable to think about their families in India. “Should I leave my well-paid jobs and the comfort of the modern lifestyle to take care of parents in India?”, “Should I take my parents abroad with us and make their lives even more difficult by asking them to adapt abroad? after spending a lifetime in India? ”Are some of the questions that often haunt an NRI.

In fact, they are being bathed in wealth by staying abroad and pursuing professional careers, but at the end of the day they usually sleep with a heavy heart or sometimes with some kind of dissatisfaction. And so, it has often been seen that NRIs tend to return to India after working for a few years and have earned enough to spend the rest of the days comfortably, or sometimes visit India to buy luxury property for their parents and families. In any case, NRIs generally look for good residential properties in India to invest.

As India is a diverse land, people, especially NRIs, tend to choose places and cities that correspond to their feelings and to which they belong. However, there are some NRIs who do not mind moving to a different city. From the records, it was observed that a city that has been gaining immense popularity among the NRIs is Pune.

What's so special about this Indian city of Pune?

Some of the unique factors about Pune that attract NRIs to visit and stay here are:

  • Pune's climate is great throughout the year and the NRIs find it so pleasant that they generally fall in love with the climate.
  • The city is known for an exciting nightlife, along with a variety of options for great diverse food.
  • In and out of the city, there are several incredible vacation destinations.
  • The expanding IT sector has been one of the main reasons why NRIs prefer to settle in Pune
  • Unlike other metropolitan cities in India, Pune is quite different as a city because, in addition to including a modern lifestyle, the city allows you to remain grounded in its traditions and cultures.
  • Pune is on wider roads, much less traffic compared to other cities and tantrums in the lower city.
  • An increasing number of job opportunities and business developments have led to the growth of the real estate sector and to attract people from all over the world to a comfortable life.
  • Easy availability of 1 BHK apartment in Pune or there may be larger spaces for purchase or rent, making it even more preferable to people, especially NRIs.

Real Estate Development in Pune

The Pune real estate sector is growing and expanding at a great pace due to several reasons mentioned below:

  • Expanding IT sector
  • Migration of more and more job seekers
  • Advanced medical and educational facilities
  • Natural beauty and vacation destinations in the vicinity of the city
  • Luxurious lifestyle and diverse population
  • Pune is closely located in the financial capital of India, Mumbai
  • Foreigners prefer to settle in Pune

Sometimes, finding an ideal property to live in a city becomes challenging due to the lack of appropriate sources. The problems you may face when buying 1 BHK apartment in Pune or in any city are:

  • Efficient real estate developers who would not cheat the client's money
  • Appropriate city or area of ​​the city with effective city-wide connectivity
  • Finding locations to avoid water scarcity as this is a problem in metropolitans and apartment dwellers
  • Apartments in major locations are very expensive and not always accessible

There are some NRIs who no longer have their families living in India, but would still like to visit their homeland from time to time and enjoy the peace that this land offers them. For this reason, they often prefer to rent an apartment in BHK in Pune so that, whenever they visit India, they can stay and spend a few days enjoying old memories.

For those NRIs looking for 1 BHK apartment for sale in Pune you must follow the following simple steps:

  • First, you need to visit www.housing.com/pune, where you need to register an account using your Google ID or any other email ID and, by doing so, you are ready to search for properties like 1 BHK apartment in Pune.
  • In addition to Pune, the website includes property information for all major cities in India, which means that you can trust the website to move anywhere in the country.
  • The site offers options to set filters for new projects or for resale, including 1 BHK apartment in Pune, 2 BHK, 3 BHK and up to 1 RK property.
  • It provides options such as property type, for example, Villa, Apartments, independent house, independent house, penthouse, duplex, studio and even lots within the city.
  • Some filters can be set for the age of the property and the price range.
  • There are filters to choose between a developer, broker or direct owner of the properties, along with their contact details.
  • You can select your preferred areas and locations according to your convenience and, with all the options, Housing.com displays an endless list of properties as search results.
  • The website would provide options as to whether the particular property is unfurnished, semi-furnished or fully furnished for other decisions.
  • Through Housing.com, it is possible to obtain accurate information about the built area, about special amenities and additional facilities, such as availability of swimming pool, gym, elevator, 24 × 7 security, etc.

Another attractive aspect of the site is that it only shows search results for those properties that are compatible with the RERA law. This is a great guarantee for people like us, who leave their families at home and come and stay alone in a different city. So now Housing.com makes it extremely convenient for NRIs to find the home of their dreams at their dream destination, like Pune.


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