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Why Belgium is perfect for a short family break

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Why Belgium is perfect for a short family break

When it comes to choosing the ideal family vacation spot, it can be extremely difficult. Not only do you need to have a lot of activities to keep your kids entertained, but you also need a place that can give you a romantic place to spend time alone with your partner. Instead of endlessly scrolling the Internet for suggestions, we recommend that you visit Belgium. Here is exactly why!

Beaches and Swimming

If you have decided to vacation in Brussels when you land the plane and use a Brussels Airport Transfer To reach your hotel, after finishing, you can enjoy one of the beautiful beaches of Belgium. What family doesn't love a beach trip? Try going to Ostend, De Haan or Nieuwport and you will find that these beaches are virtually idyllic. With trains leaving Brussels every 30 minutes, you can get to the beach on time and start having fun. Jump in the sea, make sandcastles with your children or simply sunbathe in the sun. You will love every moment.

The best museums for children

Yes, you want your kids to have fun when they go on vacation, but you also want them to learn something. That's why you'll be glad to know that Belgium has some of the most informative museums designed specifically for children to enjoy. One of the funniest museums in Brussels is known as Children's Museum – A site created in 1975 by a "toy-centric" psychologist. If you visit your children, you can enjoy cooking classes, fairy tales and art workshops, construction fun and theater. The main theme of this museum is to enhance the senses and stimulate your child's imagination. You'll find yourself inside this museum for hours and your kids will love it!



If you want to take your family to enjoy the fresh air, there are several beautiful nature parks and natural resources that you can enjoy. For example, you may want to go to the ZwinNatuur Park where you can see a varied amount of Belgium's bird population, including white storks, or visit Forestia Park, a 40-acre park that has over 300 friendly animals living there. Your kids can play with the animals or even take an air adventure to see them all from above. It is a great way to see the natural world of Belgium, keeping your children in a controlled and safe environment.

Why Belgium is perfect for a short family breakSource

Fun Theme Parks

Belgium is a great place to enjoy a fun adventure in a theme park designed specifically for children. Start your trip by going to Plopsaland or Bellewaerde. There you can enjoy water parks, theaters and theme parks. These types of areas are perfect for entertaining your children and filling your day with excitement. You are bound to make some happy memories together at these great theme parks.



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