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White House moves ahead with Artificial Intelligence regulations

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White House moves ahead with Artificial Intelligence regulations

US federal agencies received a White House communication instructing them to 'conduct risk and cost-benefit analyzes before establishing any regulations around Artificial Intelligence, with a focus on creating flexible legal frameworks rather than taking approaches to one size for all ».

This comes at a time when technology companies compete to integrate AI and machine learning solutions into their products, while raising concerns about ethics, control, privacy, cybersecurity and the future of jobs.

The White House suggests that agencies promote reliable AI solutions and take into account the principles of "justice, non-discrimination, openness, transparency and security," quotes Reuters. The Trump administration also called on Europe and allies to avoid aggressive approaches, adding that "the best way to control authoritarian AI use is to ensure that America and international partners remain global innovation hubs."

Michael Kratsios, Donald Trump's technology consultant, believes that these principles will set the nation's path for AI innovation and discovery.

A 2018 PwC study concludes that 30% of the world's work is at risk with automation by mid-2030, with a particular focus on low-educated workers.

Also in 2018, the White House brought together 30 business giants such as Ford, Boeing, Amazon and Microsoft to ensure that it would not be an obstacle to technological development.


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