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Which to buy: Volkswagen Golf GTI seminovo or the new Polo GTS?

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Volkswagen Golf GTI é um páreo duro para o Polo GTS (Foto: Divulgação/Autoesporte)

Volkswagen Golf GTI is a tough match for the Polo GTS (Photo: Press / AutoSports)

The Volkswagen Polo GTS is the best version of the hatch in the eyes of enthusiasts. Equipped with 1.4 turbo engine, the new sports car is expected to cost between $ 90,000 and $ 100,000. This is the amount charged for you to ride on a 150 hp 25.5 kgfm pole. But the bill is enough to bring a semi-new Golf GTI home. Which one is worth it?

In price, the GTI would take the dispute. It is not uncommon to find cars from 2013 for prices under $ 80,000. And we are only looking for cars under 60,000 km – many found driving far less than that. Newer cars (as of 2016) are also common stickers for an average of $ 90,000.

The Polo GTS test was still preliminary. The sport pleased in terms such as well calibrated suspension (with thicker stabilizer bars). The hot hatch is good at turning, not even the wet floor let him lose his plumb. Added to this, the new engine is much stronger than the 1.0 TSI. The tri-cylinder delivers up to 128 hp and 20.4 kgfm.

But Golf GTI uses a much more aggressive set. The sporty mid hatch has a 2.0 hp 2.0 TSI engine (230 hp at facelift) and a torque of 35.7 kgfm. The six-speed dual-clutch automatic shifter does not hesitate compared to the six-speed Tiptronic used by the Polo GTS.

Volkswagen Polo GTS will be launched in early 2020 (Photo: Press Release)Volkswagen Polo GTS will be launched by February 2020 (Photo: Press Release)

In addition, Golf's behavior is firmer. The car tilts less on curves and has lighter responses to steering wheel movements thanks to the (more direct) variable steering mechanism. Added to this, multilink rear suspension is superior to the Pole's torsion axle assembly.

Although we didn't take the Polo GTS to the track (the Autoesport-tested car is still a prototype), its performance prediction is good. We expect zero to 100 km / h in the low 8 seconds range (less than 8.5 s), certainly less than the Golf 1.4 TSI with the same set. Also because the automatic exchange of the compact has different adjustment than the one used by 1.0 TSI.

Volkswagen Golf GTi (Photo: Fabio Aro / Auto Sport)Volkswagen Golf GTi is from the German tram (Photo: Fabio Aro / Autoesporte)

However, he will not reach the Golf GTI even with prayers. The bigger sportsman has the breath to go at 100 km / h in 6.2 seconds, the kind of performance that makes him in the Polo GTI category. This one does have the same cousin 2.0 TSI engine and matches it in performance.

However, the Polo GTI would be very expensive for the domestic market. If Golf GTI has been discontinued for low demand, just imagine a Polo for the same price. But AutoSporte had a chance to fly the crudest version of the compact in Europe.

Volkswagen Polo GTS will be launched in early 2020 (Photo: Press Release)Volkswagen Polo GTS should be faster than the Golf 1.4 TSI, but the GTI … (Photo: Disclosure)

In addition to the performance, there is a bonus: the first GTIs were imported from Germany and are more technological than the Brazilian in points like the use of electronic handbrake – with auto hold. The national was launched in 2016 and does not have the same feature that came in the German tram.

As for the items, the Golf GTI may come with exclusive equipment, examples of the panoramic sunroof and adaptive cruise control – a little rarer. Daytime running LED xenon headlights are common to find.

There is another point: Golf space is not a reference among the average hatches, but it is much larger than that offered by Polo in any version. The wheelbase of 2.64 meters is almost 10 centimeters higher than the 2.55 m spiked by the compact.

Volkswagen Golf GTi (Photo: Fabio Aro / Auto Sport)Old Golf GTi has no digital dashboard (Photo: Fabio Aro / Autoesporte)

Finishing is another point of distinction. Golf GTI is even more refined in its basic version, which still has a detail appreciated by those who are fans of the sport: the seats in Clark checkered fabric.

Chessboard is pure nostalgia, but is often associated with few standard equipment. The medium features soft parts on the dashboard and front doors, a refinement not even for the most expensive Polo.

However, there are two technological points that Polo GTS stands out: the offer of the Active Info Display digital panel. It's a touch present in the national Golf GTI, however, not in the German model. Also in the much more modern multimedia center – not that the cousin's is bad, it just doesn't have up-to-date features like Android Auto connectivity and Apple CarPlay.


Some data is not available, obviously. The Polo GTS will be launched between January and February next year. As the hatch uses many pieces from the foreign GTI, certainly the parts basket will be more expensive than the current Polo Highline, whose set comes for $ 4,555. The Golf GTI has parts priced at $ 8,540 and should be more expensive in this regard.

Volkswagen Polo GTS will be launched in early 2020 (Photo: Diogo de Oliveira / Autoesporte)Polo GTS has no soft parts in the finish (Photo: Diogo de Oliveira / Autoesporte)

Another point is the fact that Polo GTS will still start its life in the Brazilian market. The sport should account for a decent portion of hatch sales. Unlike Golf GTI, which went out of line with the French. In the midst of mourning, there is a consolation: the eighth generation GTI should return as imported. And the Golf GTE hybrid / sport / plug-in will be imported in November and will outperform the Polo GTS.

Anyway, Golf GTI still snores louder in our hearts. The medium hatch offers more space and has a daily practicality not unlike the versions with 1.0 TSI or 1.4 TSI engines. The suspension, shift and footprint of the TSI 2.0 engine is in another class. And the cheapest prices are close to the demand for smaller sports, such as the Renault Sandero RS and Peugeot 208 GT.

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