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We rode three of JAC's five trams, but the brand challenge is huge

by ace
JAC iEV20  (Foto: Divulgação)

JAC iEV20 is priced close to other electric sold in Brazil (Photo: Disclosure)

A brand launching five cars in one shot is only rarity. But JAC Motors went further and did something unheard of in Brazil. Launched five electric vehicles, becoming the largest brand of the segment in the market, and offering the cheapest electric model in the country, for $ 119,990, the compact iEV20, which arrives in January.

Completing the range are two SUVs, the iEV40, which is already on sale for $ 15,900, and the iEV60, which comes in July 2020 for $ 198,900, the iEV330P pickup, which arrives in April 2020 for $ 229,900, and closing the list the truck iEV200T, which will be launched in November for $ 259,900.

They will all have leather-like seats, automatic air conditioning, rear view camera, media center, LED daytime running lights, electrically adjustable headlights, fog lights and taillights.

For iEV40 and iEV60, there is digital air conditioning, 360 ° camera and stability control.

From this quintet, we made a brief assessment of the streets of São Paulo with the iEV20, iEV40 and iEV330P.

Starting with the iEV20. The small is the electrified version of the extinct J2. On the outside, the national version will not have this spare tire in the back, like the Chinese.

JAC iEV20 (Photo: Disclosure)JAC's smallest electric is an electrified version of the J2 (Photo: Disclosure)

The key is conventional but pocket knife type. Inside, the iEV20 features plastic trim and leather-like trim on the seats, part of the dashboard and sides, and chrome trim.

The media center has a 7-inch floating touchscreen, and has its own application created by JAC that supports iOS and Android mirroring.

In terms of performance, the compact delivers up to 68 hp and 22 kgfm, connected to 41 Kwh batteries. The numbers are not exciting. The power number is nothing exciting, as there are compact 1.0s that exceed 80 hp. However, the torque is higher than the 20.4 kgfm offered by the Polo. And all the strength is delivered by stepping on.

JAC iEV20 (Photo: Disclosure)National model will not have this spare tire on the trunk lid (Photo: Disclosure)

From factory, the brand discloses zero acceleration at 100 km / h in lasting 16 seconds and the car does not exceed 112 km / h. But as the proposal is 100% urban, the numbers are even acceptable, taking into account and the range reaches 400 km. It remains to be seen how autonomy was measured, as there are different standards.

Its measurements are of a compact, 3.77 m long (the up! Is 3.68 m, for example), 1.68 m wide, 1.57 m high and 2.39 m wheelbase. That is, it is very tight for those on board, but great and practical to stop in any vacancy. Since your proposal is urban, it may not bother you as much as the 1.4-engine J2 did.

In the course of a few kilometers we made, its start was very smart, since it is 22 kgfm of torque delivered instantly, but this cleverness lasts very little time.

JAC iEV20 (Photo: Disclosure)Interior mixes plastic with artificial leather and has 7 "floating screen (Photo: Disclosure)

The suspension is firm and the steering is very light. There was no time to evaluate the braking behavior much, but when required, it went well.

The car has its qualities and brings the differential of being fully electric, however, with $ 5,000 more is possible to buy the new Toyota Corolla hybrid, which starts at $ 124,990. This can be a big drag on the sales volume of the compact.

Then it was time to evaluate the world's first production electric pickup, the iEV330P. JAC has already said that the look will not be the same as the one that went through our evaluation and that are in the photos, it will have a more modern design. But its price has been confirmed: $ 229,000. Value to take a complete Hilux home. If it is an S10 or Ranger, there is still some change.

  (Photograph:  )National pickup will have visual changes compared to Chinese (Photo: Press Release)

They are 5.6 meters long, 1.84 meters high, 1.83 wide and 3.38 meters between axles, a size above some average pickup trucks sold in the domestic market.

In mechanical matters, this is the same one that will come next year, with 67 kWh batteries that power a motor capable of delivering the equivalent of 150 hp of power and torque of 33 kgfm. The traction is rear only (4×2), its range varies between 320 km in normal mode and 400 km in eco mode. The maximum load is 800 kg, according to the automaker.

The internal finishes are extremely simple, so the change must be very radical internally in the version imported to Brazil. With the car in motion, the 3-ton weight (1,000 kg more than the overwhelming majority of competitors) took some of the force out of the instant torque of 33 kgfm. The result is restrained performance, making the weight of the car clear.

We are in doubt: will the truck easily carry a heavy load. The maximum capacity is 800 kilograms, lower than that offered by diesel-powered rivals (even legally. On the other hand, the suspension is well adjusted, as are the brakes.

  (Photograph:  )Speed ​​does not exceed 100 km / h (Photo: Disclosure)

By comparison, a Ford Ranger 3.2 turbodiesel 4X4 has 47.2 kgfm of torque and 200 hp. But its weight is 2,261 kg and costs $ 188,990 in the Limited version (which features automatic braking and adaptive cruise control.

The acceleration from 0 to 80 km / h is 12.6 seconds and the top speed does not reach 100 km / h and stops at 98 km / h. That's where the secret can reach a range of up to 400 km, according to official data. But it is not difficult to predict that the model will have a hard life in Brazil.

Finishing the test we have the most interesting SUV of the range, iEV40, considered the flagship of the brand trams. The mini-SUV, which is nothing more than the electrified T40, has a power output of 115 hp and 27.6 kgfm, which is equivalent to a 2.0 turbo gasoline engine, according to JAC. One caveat here is that it has a turbocharged 2-liter engine that goes well beyond power, not to mention maximum power.

JAC iEV40 (Photo: Disclosure)JAC iEV40 is the big bet of the brand in Brazil (Photo: Disclosure)

The compact SUV promises 350 km of autonomy in eco mode. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is 9.8 seconds and the top speed is 140 km / h. The iEV40 is already on sale and costs $ 153,900 and according to the brand, since April, 58 units have been ordered.

The interior of the iEV40 is the most sophisticated. It features an artificial leather panel, black piano materials and chrome accents, 8-inch media center screen, seat ventilation and electric handbrake. In addition to the equipment already mentioned at the beginning of the article.

The feeling of hanging out with him, is comparable to that vigorous rush of up! TSI, that just a light touch on the accelerator, that the car comes out like a rocket. Of course in the case of the electric the reaction is marked by instantaneity.

JAC iEV40 (Photo: Disclosure)It is basically an electrified T40 (Photo: Disclosure)

The suspension works well and the ergonomics are the best of all. It really looks like the iEV40 project was very well executed, and it is the model that is most likely to generate sales volume for the brand. So much so that in the year only 112 fully electric cars were sold and according to the data released by JAC, the electric T40 has sold more than half of the others.

Cars can be charged in two ways: by a portable charger, which takes 14 hours to complete 100% of charge, if the battery is at 20%. This charger will be sold as an optional package for $ 3,900.

JAC iEV40 (Photo: Disclosure)Model has more sophisticated interior and has ventilation in the seats (Photo: Disclosure)

The second option is the use of Wallbox, which will promote 80% recharge in less than 4 hours, but the battery must be at least 15% charged. The price? R $ 8,500.

JAC's courage in bringing them is admirable and worthy of courage. While in Brazil we are crawling, China is forming a true empire of electric cars and has devised a good strategy to open market in Brazil.

Between $ 119,990 and $ 229,900 of Chinese electric models, we have several major competitors, including hybrids and electric. JAC's challenge will be huge as you can buy a Renault Zoe with the same value as the iEV20. However, it is still far from the Nissan Leaf (R $ 195 thousand)

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