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Used: Unsuccessful versions can turn out to be a good deal

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Honda Civic Sport 2017 (Foto: divulgação)

Honda Civic Sport manual is rare as few (Photo: Disclosure)

Cars and versions that were short on time or not well accepted are found at lower prices in the used car market, but one must consider future difficulties in finding replacement parts. Sometimes it's worth risking as did business manager Charles Barros dos Anjos.

In 2007, he decided to buy a used fifth-generation Ford Fiesta, which was then produced in Camaçari (BA). I wanted a powerful engine version, which limited the search to 1.6 or 1.0 Supercharger models, which had been out of line since 2006. The choice fell on a 2002/2003 model equipped with the compressor.

The price was the justification: if you chose 1.6, the administrator would spend about 20% more to have the same 95 horsepower. The fear of having problems with the Supercharger has faded over time: the hatch is in the garage to this day, with 165,000 kilometers driven. “I've only done normal maintenance all this time, never had a major problem or difficulty finding parts, most are identical to other versions,” says Charles.

The manager knows that his car has low market value, but believes that the Fiesta has paid off after so many years of use. He thinks about changing it now and wants to get a used medium sedan. Your buying logic has not changed: you want a powerful engine model, but look for less valued versions. You want to buy a Citroën C4 Lounge with the less desired 2.0 flex engine instead of the 1.6 THP.

Citroën C4 Lounge (Photo: Oswaldo Luiz Palermo)Citroën C4 Lounge 2.0 may be worth it (Photo: Oswaldo Luiz Palermo)

Big search automobiles also have little known versions. This is the case of the Honda Civic Sport. The six-speed manual gearbox features a much more exciting 155 hp engine 2.0 than the CVT model. The 100 km / h is crossed in 9.2 seconds.

Another advantage is the average price. You can find it for values ​​between $ 70,000 and $ 75,000, while the CVT starts from $ 75,000. However, the Sport is more a car-to-marry affair, as most mid-size sedans are equipped with automatic transmission.

Buying a manual Jeep Renegade can be an equally risky decision, even though the price difference from the auto is more than 10% in some squares.

Ford Fiesta Supercharger is rare sight on the streets (Photo: Press Release)Ford Fiesta Supercharger is rare sight on the streets (Photo: Press Release)

As they are two well-accepted cars in the used car market, both will have below average devaluation compared to other cars of lower appeal. If you are going to be with them for a few years and are happy with this kind of version, you might want to check out the so-called “ugly ducklings”.

Brands that aren't worth it

Reselling a car that doesn't qualify as a consumer dream may take some work, but just be patient to close the best deal possible and not neglect maintenance. But there is a category that is a guarantee of future headache, composed by cars of brands that had lightning pass through Brazil.

Geely EC7 (Photo: Geely)Geely EC7 was sold for a short time (Photo: Geely)

The recent list of these models includes the Chinese Lifan 530 and Geely EC7 sedans. There are also some rare 2000s MGs out there, also imported from China, despite the English verve. All are relatively new and well-equipped, many are poorly run and advertised at prices well below what they should be worth. But they have had such an ephemeral passage through the market that few know them, and the dealers are disappearing.

If you find one of these cars out there and are interested, be prepared for a long-term relationship and hope you don't need spare parts like body parts, lanterns or specific suspension components.

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