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US Armed Forces Modernize Launch Control System …

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US Armed Forces Modernize Launch Control System ...

The US military has announced that it will no longer use floppy disks to coordinate operations involving nuclear weapons and use drives with "high-security digital information storage systems." The system was created by IBM, installed in the 1970s and is called Strategic Automated Command and Control System (SACS).

The information was put forward by Jason Rossi, a high-ranking US FA, to c4isrnet.com, who said the old system was used to send emergency messages from command centers to field forces. He also noted that the system was impenetrable because it was created before the Internet existed.

«You can't pirate something that doesn't have an IP address. It's a unique system – it's old and it's good, ”Rossi told the same publication.

According to the EngadgetDespite the age of the system, the US Air Force says it is confident of the added security improvements. "We want to make sure that our opponents cannot take control of a weapon of this caliber and that it will act only under our command," said Werner Dahm, director of the US Air Force's scientific staff, in 2016.



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