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Two-zone air conditioner consumes twice the engine power?

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Ar-condicionado bizone (Foto: Davi Augusto)

Air conditioner bizone (Photo: David Augusto)

Previously present only in premium models, the air conditioning of two (or more) begins to be offered in cars in the range of $ 90,000.

Also known as bizone or dual zone air, the system allows passengers and drivers to choose different temperatures without interference between them. However, the dual zone mechanics vary by model and automaker.

Silvio Shizuo, professor of mechanical engineering at FEI comments that the most sophisticated bizons feature two complete air conditioning systems with two compressors.

Already the simplest have only one device that splits, ie a single split ventilation box and a single evaporator.

Once the temperature is chosen, a sensor normally located on the vehicle's dashboard measures the car's internal temperature to the cooling system.

Then the compressor lowers the temperature with cold air from the evaporator. Next, a device called an actuator controls, by opening the flaps, the amount of hot air from the radiator added to adjust the temperature.

Fluids are mixed and carried through individual piping to the passenger and driver air vents.

Two-zone air conditioning at Corolla Altis (Photo: Disclosure)Two-zone air conditioning at Corolla Altis (Photo: Disclosure)

Does Dualzone Increase Spending?

The system spends the same way as the conventional model. However, Shizuo explains that “there are more efficient compressors with variable displacement. This reduces the consumption because instead of being on and off, it only controls the flow of refrigerant (gas).

But there can be fuel savings compared to usual air conditioning only in the more sophisticated air conditioners, which have two sets. “But it will only happen if you turn off one of the systems,” so it will work optimally, providing heat to only one side.

To save or make the system consume less power from the car, “it's worth closing the grilles on the occupant side, so the airflow decreases and the compressor will shut down sooner,” suggests Silvio.

Does maintenance cost more?

Rodrigues warns that many components are imported and were not prepared to operate in Brazil, where the cooling system is used much more than the heating system.

“This makes actuator movement minimal,” so extra care is required.

Two-zone air conditioning (Photo: Press Release)Two-zone air conditioning (Photo: Press Release)

Separate installation is not recommended

Even with some standard equipment or additional packages, it is not recommended to install the dual zone off the factory. This is because it is necessary to make a series of adaptations in the panel, change the entire electrical part, and modify the air duct itself.

There are even even more complex three- and four-zone equipment (usually in large SUVs and luxury cars).

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