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ToTok co-founder asks Tim Cook to bring his app back

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ToTok is removed from the App Store after suspected espionage - MacMagazine.com

A few days ago, we commented that ToTok messenger was removed from the App Store after allegations that the app served as a spy tool for the UAE government.

Naturally, the news spread quickly and so the company co-founder Giacomo Ziani went public about the problem, as released by Arabian Business.

In a video posted on Twitter, Ziani addresses Apple and Google, stating that ToTok is not affiliated with any government (whether UAE, the United States or China) and that the fact that it has been removed from app stores “is seriously affecting the company. ”

Message to @Apple it's the @Google from our co-founder.
@tim_cook @sundarpichai
#totok #apple #Google

He further states that user privacy and data protection “have always been ToTok's top priorities,” and that each version of the app has gone through the rigorous Apple and Google review process.

Since the unexpected removal of our app from their stores, we have worked closely with their review teams to address all your concerns, and ToTok now strictly meets all exact requirements.

Unlike what Ziani claims, however, the removal of the app from app stores was not motivated by "rumors." As we reported, the New York Times investigated the case and found that the company was sending data to UAE intelligence agencies, including text messages, location data, and user audios.

Despite the regrets, Ziani offered to meet in person with Apple and Google representatives to "address any concerns they might have." At the time of writing, the app remains unavailable in the App Store.

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