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TOP 5 | Real wars that rocked Marvel superheroes

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TOP 5 | Real wars that rocked Marvel superheroes

When I talk about Wars that rocked superheroes I don't mean those that happened only on the pages of comic books like the Kree-Skrull War, or the Civil War, or the Infinite War, but I want to talk about wars that happened in the world real and that had such an impact on reality that it also spilled over to the comic book pages. Let's talk about Marvel because it is the publisher of Wars. When we talk about DC Comics, let's talk about the Crises, after all, is she the Crises editor, right?


It was because of it that everything started not only in the Marvel Universe, which left us Captain America, Bucky and the Red Skull, but also for all the superhero comics. This type of comic never sold as much as in World War II, when magazines sold two million copies a month. The truth is that World War II had such an impact on Marvel Comics that it is there to be seen by everyone: Captain America returned twenty years later, out of the suspended animation he had been put into during World War II and becoming the first retcon of the history of superhero comics.

TOP 5 | Real wars that rocked Marvel superheroes


The first and only War in which the United States lost yielded a violent legacy of disillusionment and cynicism for a country that was so proud and boasted of its exploits. Thus, from the 1970s onwards, heroes also began to become more violent, cynical and disillusioned. The Punisher is the first example because he is an ex-combatant from Vietnam who could not find the same motivation in his family as in war. Wolverine is another example of a hero who has cynicism and has no qualms about killing, but as a ronin, he likes to maintain his own honor.

TOP 5 | Real wars that rocked Marvel superheroes


The Cold War is so called because it was that war that never happened and, consequently, never happened, between the two major world powers of the time. On the one hand, the United States, the leading country of capitalism and, on the other, the USSR, leader of the socialist bloc. This War turned out to be nothing cold on the pages of superhero comics. at Marvel, the Invincible Iron Man faced the Russians Dynamo Scarlet and Black Widow, for example. And the Incredible Hulk struggled against the Abominable. Even Spider-Man had Russian enemies like Rino, Kraven and Chameleon.

TOP 5 | Real wars that rocked Marvel superheroes


The Iraq War yielded one of the darkest moments in recent history: the fall of the World Trade Center twin towers on September 11, 2001. This event also served as a watershed event at Marvel, which published a Spider with a black cloak, showing murderers like Doctor Doom, the Kingpin and Magneto crying over the victims of the two towers. Also in the wake of this event came the stories of Captain America, in which he promulgated a “war on terror”, even revealing his secret identity in the process.


The Gulf War involved the countries of Iraq, under the control of dictator Saddam Hussein and Kuwait, an ally of the United States, in the dispute over oil fields. The Gulf War was the first of the wars that were fully televised and, therefore, had a major impact on the population. It was obvious that part of that tension would also be translated into the comic book media. In a crossover written by Peter David, the Hulk and the X-Factor faced each other because they were defending opposite sides in the Gulf War, the X-Factor, under the orders of the USA, defended Kuwait and the Hulk, by its own principles, defended Iraq.



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