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The College Football Playoff Is Set, and L.S.U. Is No. 1

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The Tigers also had a non-conference win over Texas, a team that looked much more formidable when it hosted the L.S.U. In September.

Ohio State, the first Big Ten team to reach the playoff since the 2016 season, has spent the year decimating its opponents and since November 23 has defeated three of the top 15 opponents by an average of almost 18 points. But his 34-21 win over Wisconsin to claim the Big Ten title began as an arduous task and soon after the L.S.U. As for Georgia, questions arose as to whether Ohio State should maintain the highest rating it had over the weekend.

"I think we are number 1 at close range, period," said Chase Young, the defensive star of the state of Ohio, after the top ten Indianapolis championship game. “I feel that a team like this, which has struggled a lot, has been tested many times, as it is today. Watching us come back, not just coming back, but coming back and dominating. I feel like a team that can change the switch that way, you know, a team that deserves first place. "

In Atlanta, where L.S.U. defeating Georgia in an ostensibly neutral venue, Ed Orgeron, the Tiger coach, called his team "a good football team."

"I told the team that it doesn't matter," Orgeron said of the ranking. "It doesn't matter where they rank us, where they tell us to go. We have to win the next game. That's all that matters."

L.S.U. there were still a lot of people openly believing it could and should be number 1. How he wore SEC and L.S.U championship helmets. outside the Tigers' locker room, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said, "It's hard for me to imagine there's a better football team in the country. When you look at the top teams in the country now, nobody has the curriculum that LSU has. "

Even Dabo Swinney, Clemson's coach, who has long argued that his program was undervalued, seemed to recognize on Saturday night that his team had virtually no chance of securing first place or even second place (a distinction that doesn't matter). because the second and third rank teams play with each other).


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