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Test: New Nissan Versa evolves in the visual, but is owed in the engine

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Test: New Nissan Versa evolves in the visual, but is owed in the engine

New Versa has more aggressive lines (Photo: André Schaun / Autoesporte)

When I landed at the Mexico City airport, the first billboard I saw when I left the plane was, curiously, the new Nissan Versa, sold there since October last year. Those who come from Brazil and have not seen any image of the car will be scared.

If some cars generate controversy when changing generation, like the HB20, in the case of the Versa the feeling is quite the opposite. Forget that look from the 1990s.

Nissan Versa (Photo: André Schaun / Autoesporte)Sedan will have strong competitors, such as Onix Plus and Virtus (Photo: André Schaun / Autoesporte)

With a completely renewed design, aggressive lines and new dimensions, the sedan arrives in Brazil in June, imported from Aguascalientes, in Mexico, with the objective of facing head on with Chevrolet Onix Plus, Hyundai HB20S, Toyota Yaris Sedan and Volkswagen Virtus.

If it depends on appearance – one of the deciding factors for choosing a car – the compact will bother these heavyweight rivals.

  (Photograph:  )Model grew 4 cm and has 2 cm larger wheelbase (Photo: André Schaun)

Using the same V platform as the predecessor model, the sedan is 4 cm longer in length (4.53 meters), 4.5 cm wider and 5.8 cm lower. The wheelbase goes from 2.60 m to 2.62 m. The trunk also increased, from 460 liters to 482 liters.

The engine for the entire line will be the well-known 1.6 flex of the Kicks. However, after some adjustments to the propeller, the Versa will have 118 hp instead of the 114 hp of the SUV. Brazil will be the only market to receive flex engine, but the power with ethanol was not revealed. The transmission is automatic CVT and the manual transmission is not discarded in the entry version.

Nissan Versa 2020 (Photo: Disclosure)Great internal finish is one of the highlights of the sedan (Photo: Disclosure)

But the engine is not the only difference between the Mexican and the Brazilian versions. There is still no information on serial items, equipment and versions. In Brazil the car will have adaptive cruise control, a feature that is not even offered as an option in Mexico.

The price has not yet been revealed, but in Mexico the values ​​range from $ 54,220 to $ 72,480. As determined by Autoesporte, Nissan should start at around R $ 60 thousand.

  (Photograph:  )Engine will be the same as the Kicks, but with 4 hp more (Photo: André Schaun)

The current generation, manufactured in Resende, in Rio de Janeiro, will be called V-Drive. The change will occur before the new model arrives. Versions will also be reduced.

In the test, we left the city of Aguascalientes and went to Calvillo, 80 km marked by the desert. The tested version was Platinum, top of the line in the Mexican market.

Inside, the finishes are great, with the seats covered with leather and part of the panel too.

Nissan Versa (Photo: André Schaun / Autoesporte)Price of the new Versa should start from R $ 60 thousand (Photo: André Schaun / Autoesporte)

The performance is very similar to that of Kicks. It is pleasant to ride in lower turns, but when overtaking, with your foot deeper on the accelerator, the sedan, which works with very high revs, above 6,000 rpm, lacks breath, letting the noise invade the cabin.

There are no butterflies or any sequential gear shifting system. A 1.0 turbo engine would fit the sedan very well, but the brand practically ruled out its arrival, at least for now.

In spite of that, for all the radical renewal in the look, the technology and what we saw during the test, we can stick with it: the new Nissan Versa should give the rivals a lot of work.


Front, transversal, 4 cyl. in-line, 1.6, 16V, dual control, electronic injection

118 hp at 6,300 rpm

15.2 kgfm at 4,000 rpm

Automatic CVT,
front-wheel drive


Indep. McPherson (forward)
and torsion axis (rear)

Ventilated discs (front)
and drums (rear)

205/50 R17

Length: 4.53 meters
Width: 1.63 m
Height: 1,44 m
Wheelbase: 2.62 m

41 liters

482 liters (manufacturer)

1,179 kg

Multimedia center
7 inch, touch sensitive

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