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Test: Macan is the cheapest Porsche in Brazil, but few can have the SUV of …

by ace
Porsche Macan (Foto: divulgação)

Engine is a 2.0 turbo of 252 horsepower and 37.7 kgfm (Photo: disclosure)

Of course, the title of this assessment is a provocation. But in times of crisis, it does not hurt to dream of a future of ostentation. So as not to get your feet off the ground, let's not dream that high. So today we tell you what it is like to accelerate the “cheapest” Porsche in Brazil.

The Macan 2.0 turbo engine is priced at $ 329,000, but can not be called "entry car". Also because its main standard leaves most cars eating dust: the engine is a 2.0 turbo with 252 horsepower and 37.7 kgfm.

Some say that this is little for a Porsche, which is somewhat correct, but also unfair.

Porsche Macan (Photo: Disclosure)With a thread joining the lanterns, Macan looks even more modern and draws a lot of attention especially at night (Photo: Press Release)

Moreover, it is close, very little, that the Macan “basicão” does not reach 100 km / h in less than 6 seconds. According to Porsche, it takes 6.7 seconds for the SUV to complete the most classic of the automotive world.

Right because this is the only car of the brand under 300 hp. Unfair because, well, you remember: we're just dreaming – and 252 hp is already great (see test numbers below).

In our test, the performance surprised: only 6.1 seconds. Remember that we are talking about a car of 4.69 meters in length and 1795 kg – without considering the weight of the occupants.

Much of this performance comes from the great and traditional PDK exchange. Thanks to him, the Macan goes from 60 km / h to 100 km / h in 3.8 seconds; or from 80 km / h to 120 km / h in 4.4 seconds. That is: no problem overtaking cars on the road with such low recovery averages.

Drivers who are more keen on driving can change over the large fins behind the wheel, which further enhances the sense of sportiness.

It is, by the way, that his main difference lies with his rivals. For the same price, you can buy at least one version of the Audi Q5, BMW X3, Mercedes GLC, Jaguar F-Pace and Volvo XC90. Taken together, these models have different proposals, but it is in Macan that the driver finds the greatest sportiness.

Porsche Macan (Photo: Disclosure)Panel has great coating and great multimedia screen. But, could have less physical buttons (Photo: Disclosure)

The independent suspension assembly is firmly adjusted even in conventional driving mode. In the spicy ones, the hit is so rigid that it bothers in street potholes, but pleases very much in smooth lanes.

Thanks to a new fillet joining the two lanterns, the restyled Macan is more modern in design than before. Inside, what's new is the multimedia screen, which has grown to 10.9 inches and draws attention in the cabin.

Highlight for the great interior lining, all leather and with apparent seams. The exchange handle is practically an island in the midst of so many buttons. These controls allow you to configure air conditioning and driver assistance systems. But they do require driver attention at first, since Macan's interior can't be called minimalist.

Porsche Macan (Photo: Disclosure)Resumption of 80 km / h at 120 km / h is made in 4.4 seconds (Photo: Press Release)

Since you can't be a champion at all, the main negatives are in the second row of banks. The 2.80 meters of wheelbase leave just room for passengers' legs.

They are also hostage to the ceiling trim, which leaves little room for the heads of the taller. At least, the panoramic sunroof and individually adjustable air conditioning for the rear traveler give some relief.

Porsche Macan (Photo: Disclosure)Zero at 100 km / h is done in just 6.1 seconds (Photo: Press Release)

If you can afford one of those in the garage, Macan makes your eyes shine because it's truly utilitarian and sporty. If you're a purist and electrification-averse, this is the time to think of one of these at home because Porsche has already confirmed that the next generation will be fully electric.

If you do not have the $ 329,000 to change cars, it does not hurt to continue dreaming.


0 – 100 km / h: 6.1s
0 – 400 m: 14.3 s
0 – 1,000 m: 26.6 s
Speed at 1,000 m: 193.9 km / h
Speed 100 km / h: 98 km / h

40 – 80 km / h (Drive): 3 s
60 – 100 km / h (D): 3.8 s
80 – 120 km / h (D): 4.4 s

100 – 0 km / h: 35.9 m
80 – 0 km / h: 22.9 m
60 – 0 km / h: 13.1 m

Urban: 7,9 km / l
Road: 11.4 km / l
Average: 9,7 km / l
Aut. On road: 741 km


Front, longitudinal, 4 cyl. Inline, 2.0, 16V, Turbo, Direct Petrol Injection

252 hp at 5,000 rpm

37.7 kgfm at 1,600 rpm

7-speed, dual-clutch, all-wheel drive


Indep. overlapping arms (front) and multilink (back)

Ventilated discs (front and rear)

wheels and tires
235/55 R19

Length: 4.69 m
Width: 1.92 m
Height: 162 m
Wheelbase: 2.80 m

56 liters

500 liters

1,795 kg

3 years

** Basket of pieces
R $ 49,111

R $ 8,686

* Reviews
10 thousand km: R $ 963
20 thousand km: R $ 2,829
30 thousand km: R $ 1,021

** Right mirror, right headlight, front bumper, right taillight, air filter (element), engine air filter, four-shock absorber set, front brake pads, engine oil filter and fuel filter.

** Insurance: Quotes were made by Limiar Seguros (11-2506-9242) based on the profile of a 40-year-old married man from the south of São Paulo, without bonuses.

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