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Six hybrid and electric to be launched in 2020

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O XC40 T5 Twin Engine é o próximo lançamento com motor híbrido da marca.  (Foto: Divulgação)

The XC40 T5 Twin Engine will be Volvo's cheapest hybrid. (Photo: Disclosure)

Although not representing a significant share of the Brazilian market, the hybrid and electric models have a good amount of releases for 2020.

Manufacturers are betting on the niche in weight and, even if they do not have significant volume, the promise is that such cars become a constant presence on the streets. Check out the major releases.

The Ford Territory will be launched by mid 2020. But the brand has two other utilities scheduled for Brazil. The Adventurer (tentative name) will be brought in by 2021, but the plug-in hybrid Escape is expected to arrive by the end of next year.

The model has two engines: one 1.5 turbo and one electric. Together they generate 200 hp.

Ford Escape looks more like passenger cars (Photo: Press Release)Ford Escape looks similar to Focus's (Photo: Disclosure)

And the best is the autonomy: since the SUV has a stronger electric motor than a conventional hybrid and can be recharged, the autonomy in electricity reaches 50 km. We have already tested Escape in the United States, see how it fared.

Ford Escape (Photo: Disclosure)Autonomy in electric mode is wide (Photo: Disclosure)

Audi's first production tram arrives here by May 2020 and is already pre-sold. The amount of $ 460,000 is close to the $ 452,200 ordered by its main competitor, the Jaguar I-Pace.

And the German crossover has good sales pitches to compete against the British. Starting with the unusual technologies, most notably the absence of mirrors, replaced by cameras – there are no legal impediments to the adoption of the feature in Brazil.

Audi e-tron 2020 (Photo: Press Release)Audi e-tron has cameras in place of mirrors (Photo: Press Release)

There are two electric motors, one at the front and one at the rear, which guarantees all-wheel drive to the Audi. The combined power is 355 hp and 57.1 kgfm, but can reach 402 hp and 67.7 kgfm in Boost mode.

With it, the e-tron goes from zero to 100 km / h in 5.7 seconds. And the range reaches 400 km. Read the first Autoesporte review of the model.

Audi e-tron (Photo: Disclosure)Style bets on same widened fenders as other Audi SUVs (Photo: Disclosure)

Another e-tron competitor will be the Mercedes-Benz EQC. Like the I-Pace and e-tron, the crossover has a motor for each axle. Together, they produce 408 hp and a 76 kgfm kick to any thrust in the throttle.

Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4MATIC, (BR N293) / Designo Diamantweiß bright / Exterior: AMG Line / Interior: AMG Line / Der neue Mercedes-Benz EQC - this is Mercedes-Benz der Produkt- und Technologiemarke EQ. Mit seinem nahtlosen klaren Design ist der EQC ein (Photo:)EQC has more conventional style, the most striking point are the headlights (Photo: Disclosure)

The immobility rush at 100 km / h takes 5.1 s, according to official data. And the range is extensive: 450 km total. These are two reasons that pleased the SUV test.

The first electric Porsche is one of the most anticipated releases of 2020. The car will start selling in the first six months of the year and will arrive in the second half and promises to put a green pepper in what is expected of an electric.

The sprint from zero to 100 km / h is won in 2.8 seconds – Porsche 911 Turbo S performance.

Porsche Taycan is sportier than purists think (Photo: Press Release)Porsche Taycan has Turbo version … despite being electric (Photo: Disclosure)

No wonder: 761 hp in the Turbo version and 107.7 kgfm, truck torque. The less strong model also does not disappoint and offers 680 hp and 86.7 kgfm. The four-door coupe style will be another strong argument.

The price, however, promises to be on par with the more expensive Panamera and Cayenne. Something for $ 1 million.

Quiet at low speed, Taycan makes a warning sound in the cities (Photo: Press Release)The Taycan approaches conventional Porsches in the rear (Photo: Press Release)

The electric version of the SUV is promised for 2021, but the plug-in hybrid will arrive next year. Named after the XC40 T5 Twin Engine, the Volvo has a 1.5-cylinder three-turbo engine, capable of generating 180hp, but the great benefit is the aid of the electric thruster.

Performance is between T4 and T5. It's 7.3 seconds at zero at 100 km / h and the top speed reaches 210 km / h. But the economy numbers are unbeatable. With almost 50 km of autonomy in electricity, the utility promises to exceed 20 km / l very easily. The price will be less than $ 240 thousand.

Like the iEV20, the JAC T60 will also generate an electric version: the iEV60. The average SUV has 150 hp and 33.6 kgfm of torque. The range promises to reach 380 km. Confirmed for May, the model has already had its price announced: $ 209,900.

JAC iEV60 (Photo: Disclosure)JAC iEV60 has the loading nozzle where would be the grid (Photo: Disclosure)

There are some differences in style compared to conventional JAC. The biggest one is the absence of motor grille. Another point: i-Pedal technology works similar to the features offered by Chevrolet Bolt and Nissan Leaf.

Just take your foot off the accelerator and the engine brake will act with great intensity. With this, it is not necessary to use many brakes. A good way to extend autonomy.

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