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Save the world (and plants) with Apple Arcade's newest puzzle

by ace
Save the world (and plants) with Apple Arcade's newest puzzle

Have you heard of Svalbard Seed Global Silo? It is a gigantic underground seed bank, located near the North Pole, which aims to preserve seeds of plants and crops of all kinds – a kind of "backup" of the genetic code of plant species from around the world, saved for the case of a catastrophe that eliminates these productions somewhere on the planet.

Inspired by this gigantic (and all-important) vault, Flightless game designers created the Doomsday Vault game, which arrived today at Apple Arcade. The puzzle puts you in robotic armor in a post-apocalyptic world, and your mission is simple: save the remaining plants and seeds in the world before they are gone.

Get ready for a post-apocalyptic adventure where you will have to save the little botanical life still on Earth.

The inventive design game will navigate you through scenarios of different kinds, between deserts, flooded cities and ruined buildings. In order to find the blueprints and fight your enemies, which are artificially equipped robots left by large companies to protect their interests, you will need to unravel very interesting puzzles and 3D visual challenges.

In addition, Doomsday Vault still has an educational side: the plants / seeds you save come with important information about them, so you understand the importance of that particular species and understand that balance ultimately depends on a connection between all living beings.

Doomsday Vault is available on Apple Arcade and can be played on iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple TVs; It supports Siri Remote and MFi joysticks for those who prefer to play this way. It is worth checking!


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