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Samsung Galaxy S11 may come with 108 megapixel camera

by ace

Samsung's next flagship smartphone, referred to in the press as the Galaxy S11, is expected to be equipped with a 108-megapixel camera and up to 5x optical zoom capability. The news, advanced by Bloomberg, strengthens similar information that had already been advanced in the past and reveals an effort by South Korean technology to make the Galaxy line a qualitative leap in photography.

Still according to advanced information, the Galaxy S11 is expected to come equipped with a total of five sensors: four cameras and a depth sensor, which will go into “action” to create blurred background photos and will be responsible for enhancing augmented reality experiences.

The enhanced photo set – the Galaxy S10 is equipped with three cameras at the rear – is also expected to be integrated into the next generation of the Galaxy Fold, which according to the news agency will also be presented in 2020.

But the high-resolution sensor of Samsung's future smartphone, as well as zoom technology, will not be a market debut. The Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro Premium Edition already uses five rear cameras, one of which also has 108 megapixels – and which is licensed by Samsung.

The 5x optical zoom feature, currently used on smartphones from Chinese brands Huawei and Oppo, is also owned by Samsung and licensed through Israeli company Corephotonics, which the South Korean giant bought in early 2019.


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