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Robot painter collaborates with humans in coating products

by ace
Robot painter collaborates with humans in coating products

The Institute of Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC) and TALUS developed a joint project, which is called FLEXCoating, a collaborative robotic cell capable of coating large products with complex geometries.

The project received an investment of 200,000 euros from the European Commission's research and development program and promotes cooperation between people and robots through a 3D sensor system, focused on workplace monitoring, object tracking, recognition and programming. trajectories.

From now on, it will be possible for robots and workers to be able to paint simultaneously if one interferes with the other's work. Nor will it be necessary for production lines to have compartments reserved for automatons.

The robotic cell has already been successfully tested at FLUPOL, a Portuguese company that specializes in coatings, and is projected to increase the company's production by 15% and optimize processes by 10%.

Rafael Arrais, a researcher at INESC TEC, reveals more details in a press release: “Before starting the coating process, the operator teaches the robot how to paint, demonstrating to him. During the painting process, a 3D vision sensor examines, recognizes and locates the object to be painted and corrects the trajectory of the previously taught robot. In addition, there is a system that monitors a series of danger zones that detect intrusions into the robot's workspace, allowing the human operator and robot to work collaboratively. There is also a secure monitoring system that allows the human operator to signal the restart of the process ergonomically. '



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