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Product test: Dog pee wheel cover. Is it useful?

by ace
Capa protetora de roda  contra urina de cachorro (Foto: Divulgação)

Dog urine wheel protective cover (Photo: Disclosure)

Dogs are animals that appear to be born programmed to use a car wheel as a toilet. Peeing on the wheel makes sense: Experts say this is because the tire accumulates odors wherever it goes, attracting the attention of dogs.

Their keen nose is stimulated by this oasis of perceptions, which makes the dog want to mark territory – dogs are like that, people – is not the pet's fault.

The problem: Pee is acidic and saline, a terrible combination for metal and wheel paint. In an attempt to avoid this situation that erodes wheels, bolts and brake discs, there are even those who put pet bottles with water in front of the wheels to keep pets away. But the method has no scientific proof.

Since you can't watch our four-legged friends 24 hours a day, there are these wheel covers that protect the car from the sight of puppies.

Autoesporte evaluated the MR2 brand covers (R $ 26,90 a unit), made of waterproof plastic and elastic to attach them to the tires. They are suitable for wheels up to 16 inches, but well covered a 17 rim set. There are other sizes, always corino and with reinforced seams.

As you should not have contact with urine, another negative point, besides the price, is the lack of a tab to handle the cover after use. And while it's easy to coat, the routine can be boring and tiring after a busy day.

During our test, done in a house with several dogs, none urinated on the roof. The pack belittled the cloak. But if they had peed her, it would be a little disgusting to pull her out later. The correct thing would be to wash it after each stamping, which would give even more work.

In short: the product delivers what it promises and the elastic holds the cover tightly on the wheel. Just one piece doesn't weigh in your pocket unless you need to buy four covers. Either way, it is cheaper to invest in protection than having to buy new wheels.


* Made of waterproof plastic

*Suitable for rim 16 wheels

*Price: R $ 26.90 (unit)

Product Mission: prevent tire dirt and corrosion of the wheels, brake discs and bolts caused by dog ​​urine.

Efficiency: The cover delivers as promised, but could be more practical to use. Durability varies greatly depending on the frequency of maintenance (washing) after use of the equipment.

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