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Porsche Taycan is a car for no one else to suspect about an electric

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Porsche Taycan é mais esportivo do que os puristas pensam (Foto: Divulgação)

Porsche Taycan is sportier than purists think (Photo: Press Release)

Taycan does exactly what you want, just the way you need it. Whether it's a quick conversion, a dazzling speed gain for an overtaking on the road or a private drag show to impress friends – or yourself. Using launch control, Porsche speaks in 2.8 seconds at zero at 100 km / h for the top-of-the-line version Turbo S. And there is no reason to doubt.

If you are already 100 or 110 km / h, a hard throttle with the Sport Plus driving mode selected raises the roar and the car starts. In very brief seconds, it is already over 200 km / h. To say that the body is pressed against the backrest is not cliché in this case. It was like this on the Autobahn stretches on the 800km test drive between Berlin and Stuttgart. AutoSport was there to check out the launch of what Porsche rates as its first electric sports car.

It was the last leg of the 6,440-kilometer journey that began 18 days earlier in Oslo, Norway, and crossed nine countries. The group of Latin American journalists was responsible for the final stretch and the return of the car to its point of origin, the Zuffenhausen plant in Stuttgart. As a bonus, the longer distance traveled. I can't say no one complained. Some journalists have found it tiring. I'd be behind the wheel of Taycan by now.

The journey between Berlin and the factory was long and enjoyable (Photo: Press Release)The journey between Berlin and the factory was long and enjoyable (Photo: Press Release)

But the car is not just the fiery young horse that the name of Turkish origin evokes. Take, for example, the electronic air conditioning system that dispensed the vents of the air vents. You can exchange that jet of air right in your face for diffuse cooling to cool the cabin. There is more to this car than Porsche has endeavored to convey sportiness, but it has also innovated to set new standards for onboard comfort.

Let's go from the beginning. Porsche says the releases of the E-Performance division are among the most powerful production models in its line. And defines the Taycan as a sports limousine. More for a sedan slightly smaller than the Panamera, with three volumes and trunk with 366 liters of capacity; another 81 liters can be accommodated under the front hood.

Little smaller than the Panamera, the Taycan is a four-door coupe (Photo: Press Release)Little smaller than the Panamera, the Taycan is a four-door coupe (Photo: Press Release)

Its style does not negate the inheritance of the brand. Low and wide, winged mudguards, fast falling roof to the rear of characteristic design. Horizontal light group and 20 or 21 inch wheels complete the set. The company says the car has the best aerodynamics of the brand, which should help reduce energy consumption and increase autonomy.

You need to flex your body well to get into the Taycan. Nothing different from a 911 or Macan. But its interior is unique, inspired by the original 911. The dashboard occupies the entire space between the air vents, and the driver finds himself facing a curved 16.8-inch digital instrument panel wider than the steering wheel. There is a 10.9 inch center screen, and an optional passenger one.

Front speakers alert pedestrians in cities (Photo: Press Release)The journey includes quiet cities and many autobahnen (Photo: Press Release)

The physical commands are few, grouped next to the direction or in its rim. Almost everything is done by touch screen or voice command activated by Hey Porsche: media, navigation, air conditioning, telephone and stability management.

Want more screen? There is an 8.4 inch touch sensitive center console. You can either type an address or adjust the air conditioner. Here is the innovation: the airflow is quiet and electronics controlled for quick or diffuse cooling. Four-zone actuation is an option that, guess what, adds a 5.9-inch rear-seat screen.

It can be a consolation, for despite its four doors, comfort is not Taycan's forte for back-seat travelers. The room for two adults is even good for legs, knees and head. But the feet do not fit under the front seat, which makes longer journeys tiring. There is nothing left for a fifth passenger. Keeping up with stretching helps you get in and out.

You can recharge most of the battery in time to eat a hamburger (Photo: Disclosure)You can recharge most of the battery in time to eat a hamburger (Photo: Disclosure)

Yes, from design to DNA the appeal is sportiness. But it doesn't just look like it has to behave like a Porsche. And the talk since the company's worldwide president Oliver Blume is that Taycan has a mission to offer the driving impression of a Porsche. Executives hit this key all the time. Then the time has come to check the statement.

Brand tradition, the match is to the left of the dashboard, behind the wheel. It drives both electric motors installed on the front and rear axles, which translates into four-wheel drive. Porsche claims that all-wheel drive and traction control act much faster than current systems to correct a slipping wheel.

Manfred Harrer, the company's vice president of chassis, declined to elaborate on power distribution: "Combining the two engines is a secret to stable balance," he said. How much each wheel is driven, according to him, depends on the gear and the condition of use. "Normally, it's 35% in the front and 65% in the rear wheels, but in everyday life it's flexible," he said.

Quiet at low speed, Taycan makes a warning sound in the cities (Photo: Press Release)Quiet at low speed, Taycan makes a warning sound in the cities (Photo: Press Release)

Speaking of gears may sound strange in an electric car, but the Taycan has two. The shift lever is located on the right hand side of the steering wheel for drive selection, neutral or reverse; Parking for parking is just a key released once the car is in motion. According to Herrer, the two-speed solution was adopted "to offer a fast start and have a good maximum". In normal urban driving, the car always exits in second gear.

I take the wheel of the Turbo S, one of two versions where the Taycan starts selling – the other is the Turbo. The word turbo, Porsche justifies, was adopted to enhance the sporting quality of the model. Without a combustion engine, a 100% electric car has no turbocharger.

The throttle responses of the Taycan Turbo S are vigorous. Or wild, if you want to explore deep the instantaneous torque that reaches 107.7 kgfm and the power of 761 hp. It is enough to take the 2,295 kg of tram from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.8 seconds, and to 200 km / h in 9.8 s. The numbers are from Porsche, but I believe. To get an idea, the 1.4 TSI engine of the new Polo GTS generates 25.5 kgfm and 150 hp. The performance number loses to the stronger Tesla Model S (2.6 s), but outperforms the drag of the previous generation 911 Turbo S (2.9 s).

There are four digital screens on the panel and console of Taycan (Foto: Divulgação)There are four digital screens on the panel and console of Taycan (Foto: Divulgação)

These are values ​​for sports starts, using the launch control feature. But all that power makes normal driving through streets and avenues a pleasant experience on a quiet, obedient flying carpet. Point the right direction where you want to go and Taycan is already there.

As with other models of the brand, you can choose a driving mode that alters engine responses, suspension and chassis adjustment, and even engine cooling fins. The knob allows you to select from Range (for longer range), Normal, Sport, Sport Plus and Individual for custom tuning.

The change in responses are noticeable. At strong accelerations in Sport Plus mode, for example, gear shifting is clear, and air conditioning has reduced efficiency to prioritize battery cooling. In Range mode, the speed is limited to 150 km / h.

At the wheel, the Taycan is a legitimate Porsche (Photo: Press Release)At the wheel, the Taycan is a legitimate Porsche (Photo: Press Release)

The declared top speed is 260 km / h. Precise steering and suspension convey the confidence you expect for high performance. The electro-pneumatic system is adaptive and includes electronic features such as active management, damper control and roll stabilization. According to Porsche, the set responds five times faster than conventional ones. In practice, what is noted in the most brutal accelerations is that the Taycan does not destroy and remains obedient.

The route alternated long stretches on back roads and stretches of Autobahn, where the speed limit was the presence of other vehicles on the road. The confidence to overtake is enormous. In the rare parts where the pavement had some irregularity, the suspension proved its competence to ensure comfort.

The Taycan's center of gravity, Porsche says, is lower than the 911's, and its aerodynamic coefficient – cx 0.22 – the best of all. In city traffic the hum of engines resembles Star Trek Enterprise. On the road, wind and tire noise on the asphalt is present.

Dashboard is virtual but looks similar to 911 (Photo: Disclosure)Dashboard is virtual but looks similar to 911 (Photo: Disclosure)

The loud rumble of acceleration in Sport Plus comes from the benchtop engine recording and amplified by the speakers. By law, all German streetcars take to the streets with a front speaker that makes a sound to alert pedestrians. Turbo S has a set of these speakers, optional in the Turbo version.

Also with four-wheel drive, the Turbo version of the Taycan is slightly tighter due to the battery power. Still, the performance of the 680 horsepower and 86.7 kgfm of torque is more noticeable to the timer. Official data indicate 3.2 s at 0 to 100 km / h and 10.6 s at 200 km / h. Interestingly, the Turbo version is 10 kg heavier than the Turbo S: 2,305 kg.

To immobilize all this mass, the brakes are ceramic disc in Turbo S and tungsten carbide coated in Turbo. The Taycan wheels (21 inch Turbo S and 20 inch Turbo) wear …

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