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Non-ice cream arrives in Brazil, with pea paste instead of milk

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Non-ice cream arrives in Brazil, with pea paste instead of milk


Not Icecream, Not.Co's vegetable-based ice cream (Photo: Disclosure)

It's creamy and it's ice cream, but, according to the manufacturer, it's not ice cream. Quite the opposite: the name on the label says "Not Icecream". Instead of milk, it uses vegetables – such as coconut, sunflower, and especially pea derivatives. It is a product of NotCo, a Chilean food startup that uses artificial intelligence to find flavors and consistencies that can replace animal protein in the vegetable realm. The company – incidentally, non-company – has among investors Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and second richest man in the world.

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The non-ice cream is coming to Brazil this week at St. Marché supermarket chain in Sao Paulo. At the suggested price (around R $ 30) and quantity (473 ml pots), you compete with more expensive brands such as Häagen-Dazs, Gelatto and Ben & Jerry's. It is the second product of the brand in the country, after non-mayonnaise Not Mayo (launched in March) and before non-milk, scheduled for December.

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Unlike non-mayonnaise, which was originally imported from Chile, non-ice cream already debuts with national manufacture. “We are hiring production capacity available in the market, we can grow as demand demands,” says Luiz Augusto Silva, president of NotCo in Brazil. "Because these companies also handle ordinary ice cream, the law requires us to label the warning that our product may contain traces of milk, but it's just a formality."

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