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New Mercedes-Benz C-Class will be launched in Brazil in 2021 with Class A pint …

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Faróis do novo Classe C serão de LEDs e não de lasers como no BMW Série 3 (Foto: AutoMedia/Autoesporte)

New Mercedes-Benz C-Class is in final tests (Photo: AutoMedia / Autoesporte)

Mercedes-Benz will fully renew its SUV line in nine months. But that does not mean that the brand will neglect the passenger cars. During the launch of the revamped GLC, the manufacturer officially confirmed the arrival of the new C-Class. "The C-Class will arrive in 2021 in Brazil," said Dirlei Dias, head of marketing and sales for Mercedes-Benz automobiles in Brazil.

Not yet released in Europe, the fifth-generation C-Class will have a more aggressive style than the current one. Starting with the aggressive angle headlights, a touch repeated by the latest Mercedes.

The stunted manner will help him fight the new BMW 3 Series, the current icon among mid-size luxury sedans. Remember that the rival is the current isolated leader of the segment, while the C-Class is fourth, behind also the Volkswagen Passat. The change will come at a great time.

The arched roof and solid rear column of the current car are repeated by the new car. There were no flashlights yet. But the clipping of the parts indicates that the play of lights will no longer be vertical and will adopt the same horizontal layout as the Class A sedan.

New Class C has horizontal lanterns similar to those of Class A (Photo: AutoMedia / AutoSporte)New Class C has horizontal lanterns similar to those of Class A (Photo: AutoMedia / AutoSporte)

The interior has been spotted on a few occasions and stands out for the digital dashboard adopted by the manufacturer's latest cars. However, the multimedia will not be exactly the same as the others: instead of the instrument panel and center almost visually integrated at the top of the panel, the C-Class has a screen just below the air vents.

More vertically, the multimedia screen resembles the layout of the Volvos' centrals. Mercedes will also offer the virtual assistant MBUX.

The MRA 2 platform is a considerable evolution from the one currently used. The changes will be critical to allow plug-in and plug-in versions. Regarding the engines, we can expect the debut of the new 1.3-liter Nissan-Mercedes turbocharger, the same as the Class A sedan sold in Brazil.

The 48 volt light hybrid versions will continue to be the way to lower the gasoline engine's emission level. The current C200 EQ Boost Class is the only version sold in Brazil with the technology (check out the video test below).

Nationalization is likely

When asked about the nationalization plans of the car, the executive said the decision has not yet been made. “The Rota 2030 program has changed a lot about Inovar Auto,” he explains. Mercedes has built a new factory in Iracemápolis (Sao Paulo) to make the current C-Class and first generation GLA.

In order not to pay an extra 30% on Import Tax, premium car brands like BMW, Land Rover and of course Mercedes built local factories at the time of Inovar Auto. It was the way to meet the requirement of local manufacturing and nationalized content and not suffer from the surcharge.

In any case, both the C-Class and GLA must be produced in our country in their new generations, as the Class A sedan and the seven-seat GLB SUV are made in Mexico and brought to Brazil without tax. Import

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