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New McDonald’s CEO Seeks to End Company “Party Atmosphere”

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New McDonald’s CEO Seeks to End Company “Party Atmosphere”


Chris Kempczinski at the opening of McDonald's new headquarters in 2018. (Photo: Scott Olson / Getty Images)

Chosen McDonald's CEO in November 2019, Chris Kempczinski arrived with a mission: to end the culture of parties and get-togethers between executives, managers and employees in the company. Last Sunday, the Wall Street Journal reported how Steve Easterbrook, Kempczinski's predecessor in office, held after-hours parties.

Easterbrook was fired from the position of CEO of McDonald's after revealing that he had a relationship with an employee. Although consensual, it went against the company's bylaws.

“When I first started this position, my promise to you was to listen and learn within the system,” said Kempczinski in a message to his employees. “For the past 9 weeks, I've been doing just that.”

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According to the WSJ, Easterbrook actively participated in the get-togethers and was known for flirting with female employees.

"There is a change in culture now," said a McDonald's source with the WSJ. “Some people thought there was a male club at the top. That has now changed to more open leadership with Chris. ”

David Fairhurst, global head of human resources, resigned the day after Easterbrook left. According to officials, he was also attending the get-togethers and had been reported for inappropriate behavior at these parties. Nevertheless, the company stated that the output of one was not linked to the output of the other.

Fairhurst and Easterbook declined to answer questions about the case. When fired, a CEO representative said only in a note, “(He) acknowledges his mistake and respects the company's decision.”

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