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N.F.L. Scores Week 4: Patriots Score Again on Blocked Punt

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N.F.L. Scores Week 4: Patriots Score Again on Blocked Punt

With seven undefeated teams remaining in New Zealand, Week 4 can begin to separate the chaff from the wheat. We'll go live while Buffalo Bills (3-0) host the New England Patriots (3-0) as we check the other actions of the day.

The Bills are having big problems at home against New England. Their offense, attempting to respond to the New England touchdown, exploded and disaster struck when Corey Bojorquez's attempt at Buffalo's 33-yard line was blocked, recovered by Matthew Slater and taken to the end zone for an 11-yard touchdown. Stephen Gostkowski reached the extra point this time and New England leads 13-0 with just over six minutes remaining in the first quarter.

It was the first time in eight years that Bills had a blocked kick for a touchdown.

Bills's Josh Allen got a chance on the field with an aggressive pass and Devin McCourty made him pay for it with an interception. It was McCourty's fourth consecutive game with an interception, linking a franchise record set by Mike Haynes in 1976. Most importantly, it gave Tom Brady and the Patriots a short field, which they enjoyed by scoring Brandon Bolden's 4-yard score.

Buffalo's defense opened the game with a strong Patriots stoppage. Bills immediately gave up a 15-yard run for Sony Michel, but eventually choked the Patriots, forcing a couple of incomplete passes and then stopping Michel without a win on the third down.

But after Allen's mistake, the Patriots did little work with Buffalo, climbing 50 yards in seven moves. In continuing concern, however, Stephen Gostkowski missed his extra point attempt. Gostkowski is only 10 by 14 in extra point attempts this season.

Melvin Gordon, a star returning to the Los Angeles Chargers, did not end the contract until Thursday, but as a result of Justin Jackson's injury, there is a chance that Gordon will play his team's road game against the back on Sunday. Miami Dolphins at 1 pm Eastern Time.

"We understand that Melvin has been back for a day and a half, so we have to be careful if he plays, how much he plays and even if he plays," Chargers coach Anthony Lynn said on Friday.

Gordon, who averaged 5.1 yards per action in 12 games last season, has long been one of NF.L's most talented defenders. In contrast to Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott, whose achievement earned him a new $ 50 million guaranteed cash deal, Gordon's stake cost him about $ 1 million and he is still playing on the original deal.

The Chargers got an excellent Austin Ekeler production in place of Gordon, but with Jackson being ruled out with a calf strain, Los Angeles is weak in running, resulting in Gordon's statement on Saturday.

Gordon told reporters on Friday that he would be ready.

"It's not like I'm sitting and overweight or something," he said. "But it's not like I have a preseason game to warm up. You kind of get in and look good in the fire."

  • Patriots have been absolutely amazing on both sides of the ball, beating their opponents with a combined score of 106-17. That came with an asterisk, however, as these opponents combined to reach 0-9 this season. Is Buffalo willing to give New England a real challenge? The defense of the Bills has been formidable for two seasons and should give Tom Brady the toughest resistance he has seen in a while, but the joker in the match is like Josh Allen and Buffalo's attack can do against a Patriots defense that was suffocating your competition.



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