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Lyft teams up with NGOs to hitchhike even job interviews

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Lyft realizou sua abertura de capital na bolsa nesta sexta-feira (29/3) (Foto: Getty Images)

According to Lyft, 44% of trips made by her app come from low-income areas (Photo: Getty Images)

According to a study published in 2015, there is a direct link between commuting time and the chances of getting out of poverty. That is, the longer the daily commute to employment, the more difficult the chances of economic upswing. Lyft, the urban mobility company, has decided to join US NGOs to mitigate this problem.

The company will offer free or even free rides to low-income people for job interviews, training or even during the first three weeks of work at the company.

According to Lyft, 44% of the hitchhikers made by the service have origin or destination low income regions. In addition, passengers saved 178 million hours using rideshare compared to other transport methods.

Among the NGOs involved are Year Up and Generation, which assist young people entering the labor market, and Upwardly Global, which helps immigrants and refugees who are authorized to work in the United States to place themselves in the labor market. Also on the list are organizations that help people with physical disabilities and Down syndrome.

The program will be launched in over 35 US cities.

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