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Kaspersky develops tool to combat eSports fraud

by ace
Kaspersky develops tool to combat eSports fraud

Kaspersky recently launched a solution to make eSports fairer and fight players using tricks to win in real time. It's called Anti-Cheat and it's based on a cloud system that allows you to automatically share reports with clients so they can act on dishonest practices.

According to the brand, many online title players are often scammed and only 12% say they have never been a victim of one of these scams. Global Gaming survey data show that one in three players confessed to being misled by other players.

This solution has been specially developed to be applied in the context of eSports competitions and can be integrated via a platform API so that players can use it and ensure a fairer game. Anti-Cheat analyzes the information collected and, in the event of a suspicion, alerts users.

Anton Selikhov, head of Kaspersky's new security tool, said in a statement that 'fair play is very important for all players striving to demonstrate their skills. When games like CS: GO, PUBG or DOTA 2 turn out to be fraudulent, honest players stop playing them or simply give up forever. However, our solution will provide all online tournament players with the opportunity to maintain a balance in the gaming community and oversee the evolution of their competitions. With the introduction of Kaspersky Anti-Cheat, our company brings more than 20 years of experience in fighting malware and cybercrime to a new level. And let's get on with our work: Later this year, we plan to launch Kaspersky Anti-Cheat for multiplayer online games ».



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