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iPhone XS Max stays two days deep in the Tapajós River… and survives! –…

by ace
iPhone XS Max stays two days deep in the Tapajós River… and survives! –...

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Lennon muniz

A 27-year-old Paraense businessman, he is passionate about technology and has started to enjoy Apple devices even in the first generation of the iPhone. He is one of the bosses of MacMagazine. Despite his young age, he has been working with computing since he was a child and, after a while, has turned what was once a dream into one of the largest North / Northeast Apple retailers.

Hey guys, MacMagazine guys! As a guest, I'm coming here to tell you a little about what happened to my iPhone XS Max recently. And you didn't read the wrong title, no: it really survived for two days at the bottom of the Tapajós River in the middle of the Amazon. Before I tell you a little about the adventure – and the worst part of it – I want to put you on where it all happened.

In addition to being in love with Apple gadgets, I've always enjoyed water sports. And no matter how liquid the iPhones are, I never really thought this combination was a good one. Well, in the first half of the year, some friends and jet-ski pilots (my father among them) organized the “Tapajós Expedition”, which brought together 45 jet-skis that boarded a ferry from Belém to Santarem, in the west of Pará (three days of travel).

A week later, all pilots boarded the same destination (40 minutes journey). The purpose of the expedition was to break the paradisiacal scenarios of the “Island of Love”, in Alter do Chão, and its surroundings for a weekend – jet skiing, of course.

Tapajós Expedition

For those who don't know, Alter do Chão is among the 10 best destinations in the world to meet in 2019 seconds. a survey by the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo. The paradisiacal scenery of the beaches in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, bathed by the Tapajós River, is truly stunning!

All I really didn't expect was that the worst was to happen on the second day. Because it was a boating trip, everyone was very well equipped. On the expedition there was no shortage of drones, action cameras and, of course, smartphones.

Every day we left the hotel for the local beaches with lunch in the local riverside communities that were already waiting for the group; After the meal, on the second day, we were waiting for some participants when a small slip occurred: my iPhone slipped and fell into the waters of the Arapiuns River. Quickly I threw myself into the water to try to retrieve it; two friends nearby were also trying, but because of the depth of the river and its dark waters, it was no use.

From Alter do Chão to the end of the Arapiuns River, we have a distance of about 25km in a straight line. My iPhone was already on its way to the bottom and I needed to do something, but in the middle of the Amazon no carrier worked. We were out of mobile data; iOS 13's offline location feature might help, but it was no use. There were only a few minutes left for the group to return to the hotel and I had that "defeat" – it really seemed like the last goodbye to my device, but I couldn't give up.

Quickly, still in place, I grabbed another device to try to send a file through AirDrop and see if there was any sign of his life. Anything. A few more dives and… nothing – after all, the water was very dark. It was time to leave and I really didn't settle for losing my iPhone XS Max – so to speak, it was bought in Hong Kong (yes, it's one of the few operating in Brazil with two physical chips).

In addition to the lost dollars and long flight hours to Hong Kong, I was also missing all the photos of the event that had not yet been copied to iCloud, as well as all the bank tokens, history, etc. As many here may know, I think there is no such bad material loss today as a cell phone.

Arriving at the hotel, I grabbed my Apple Watch and decided to go back to the crash site to try to locate the iPhone using their connection – it was worth a try, right? Again, no signal from the device. After some research, I found that the depth there was over 20 meters. All I had left was talk to the leader of the riverside community “Coroca”, who was there. I recounted what happened and offered a bonus for the "rescue" of the device. Sunday is over and nothing, no sign of it.

The expedition was ending, and me coming home without my cell phone and without forgiving myself for tremendous hesitation (losing the iPhone in one of the most unlikely and “almost” impossible places to recover). But the best news was not long in coming: we received a warning from Dona Sulane (local community leader) that her brother, after many dives, had found an iPhone XS Max already fully discharged.

I was already really disappointed. I could not believe they had found my iPhone without the help of any localization technology. But when it came to my hands, HongKonger was really alive! I put it in to recharge and a few minutes later he came back to life with everything he was entitled to!

We checked internally and all LCIs (liquid sensors) were active, after all it was a good time submerged. What I did not expect was that everything would work so well and that this scare had a happy ending! Of course, the waters of the Arapiuns and Tapajós River are not salty and do not suffer any interference from the sea, but with such depth, recovering this iPhone was really historic!

Hopefully, after that, it's worth a little more in a iPhone 11 trade-in! 😝😂



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