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Indemnities for economic plans reach R $ 1.6 billion, says CNJ

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Indemnities for economic plans reach R $ 1.6 billion, says CNJ


National Council of Justice (CNJ) (Photo: Disclosure)

The National Council of Justice reported on Thursday, 13, that indemnities resulting from the agreement between creditors and the Union related to economic plans reached the figure of R $ 1.6 billion. The agreement involves losses in savings accounts with the Bresser (1987), Summer (1989) and Collor 2 (1991) plans, and was approved in 2018 by the Federal Supreme Court.

"More than 109 thousand savers, mostly elderly people, adhered to the reconciliation agreement of the economic plans to control inflation. Thus, an end point was placed in about 90 thousand cases – of the approximately 580 thousand – that are being processed in the Brazilian court. since the 1980s ", says the CNJ.

According to the Council, 'indemnities are calculated by applying multiplication factors to the balance of savings accounts at the time of each plan and in the respective currency in force at the time'.

"Among the financial institutions responsible for the payment of indemnities, Caixa Econômica Federal was the one that handled the largest amount in reimbursements, with R $ 514.5 million. Following are Bradesco (R $ 408.8 million), Itaú (351, 8 million), Santander (155.8 million) and Banco do Brasil (128.1 million) ", states the Council.

According to the CNJ, savers or their heirs with the right to compensation and interested in evaluating the conditions of the economic plans agreement also have the option of joining online. Detailed information on how to participate in the agreement can be obtained at https://www.pagamentodapoupanca.com.br, informs the Council.

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