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Huck's candidacy is a 'call', says Angelica

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Luciano Hulk e Angélica (Foto: Julio Cesar Guimaraes/LatinContent/Getty Images)

In the view of the presenter, she and Huck would have more to lose than win, but said she will not oppose a nomination (Photo: Julio Cesar Guimaraes / LatinContent / Getty Images)

The TV host Angelica said yesterday that a possible candidacy of her husband, also presenter and businessman Luciano Huck, for the presidency of the Republic is a "call". "I can't say that I think it's really cool Luciano to be a candidate would not be true, but there is a time when you are no longer in control. It's kind of a call," he told Marie Claire magazine. Huck is a centerpiece in the articulation of a group of politicians, economists and representatives of renewal movements to construct a center alternative in the face of the polarization scenario of national politics.

The group's agenda would have a liberal bias in the economy and "progressive" in the social area. The movement has been reiterated by names such as economist Armínio Fraga, former Central Bank president, former Espirito Santo Governor Paulo Hartung (no party) and Citizenship President former Deputy Roberto Freire. Angelica confirmed that Conversations for 2022 take place at your home. "Things are so crazy that this charge is back," she said, admitting that being a first lady scares her. "I never thought of that, but it would be an honor." She said that in Brazil, the policy "is frightening". "Even without being a candidate, Luciano is already beaten from all sides." In the presenter's view, she and her husband would have more to lose than win, but said she would not oppose an application. "We are in such a crazy moment in politics that I never want to be selfish and light to prevent anything in that sense. I would never say no."

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