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How the Apple Store Makes You Spend Money

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How the Apple Store Makes You Spend Money


Apple's physical stores are among the most lucrative per square meter in the US (Photo: Pexels)

Large glass walls, natural light, sleek, clean furniture, people walking quietly between products, choosing which model to try now: this is a typical Apple store setting. The first physical store in New York City opened in 2001. Six years later, the space earned the most lucrative retail title per square foot in the United States, surpassing Tiffany and Lululemon (young fashion).

The reason for the success, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, is the customer experience within the space. “Our stores are the best places to discover, explore and try new products,” said in an interview with Business Insider.

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Even if the consumer has no interest in entering the store, ends up giving a pass. "Consumers surrender to FOMO (fear of missing out), the fear of losing what might be happening inside the store," says Jim Mourey, professor of marketing at DePaul University.

Once they enter the store, they tend to stay longer than they had planned: the design is cozy and modern, and the products can be touched freely. “The longer you keep people in the store, the more likely they are to buy something,” says Mourey. Staying is also encouraged with free programming and photography classes.

But not only that. Customers spend – a lot – at the Apple Store because of their sense of belonging. “When people get their hands on something, they are more likely to buy it. They feel they own the product, ”said Mourey.

How the Apple Store Makes You Spend Money (Photo: Stephanie Keith / Getty Images Correspondent)

To stimulate new purchases, products are shifted off the shelf frequently. “Items are carefully selected and change seasonally to always feature our latest products and services,” said Angela Ahrendts, former Apple retail chief.

Prices appear on lowercase labels. For Mourey, when consumers see expensive value, they feel “emotional pain,” and tend to find value unfair. That's why stores prioritize experience, not values. “We want to make the journey happy and minimize the pain of paying dearly,” he said. .

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