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Has your car been screeched? Prepare the pocket

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Screech Vehicle (Photo: Playback / Internet)

Having a squeaky vehicle involves a number of factors. From the fine to be charged for the infraction to the points in the National Driver's License (CNH), which can go from nature to very serious. Expenses do not stop at fines: There is a fee payment procedure to release your vehicle.

AutoSport has done a step by step how to proceed after the car is towed.

Why did you squeal my car?

Most of the time, a vehicle is squeaked by parking in a forbidden or irregular way. According to article 181 of the Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB), the cases of irregularity are the most diverse. Stopping too far from the curb, on the sidewalk, against the opposite side, next to another car in a double row, lowered driveway or in front of a garage are some ways to commit the offense.

Ignoring signposts can also present risks. Parking in loading and unloading areas, off-hours, or parking spaces for the elderly or disabled without the required permit identification are more examples of what may lead to the pickup of the car.

Importantly, if the driver is in or near the vehicle at the time the traffic authority notifies the infringement, the situation can be resolved on time with the clearance of the area.

How to know that the car was screeched?

When not coming across the vehicle, do not despair. Your car has not been stolen. Immediately after being towed, the vehicle removal authority places an easel where it was parked, reporting the incident.

Next to the warning is a telephone the driver can call for more information. In some cities, it is possible to consult about the situation of the car through the local town hall website.

CET Easel (Photo: Playback / Internet)CET easel informs about the screech car (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)

In addition, within ten days a notification is sent to the address linked to the license plate registration.

What should I do to remove it?

The redemption of the vehicle can be done by the owner or a legal representative, provided that there are no restrictions such as judicial or administrative block registered in the car register.

You must attend the Traffic Ticket Service Department (in the case of São Paulo) or the city agency responsible (depending on location) with the updated vehicle license registration certificate and RG, both accompanied by a simple copy.

If the withdrawal is made by the representative, he must present an original notarized power of attorney – in the case of an individual. In the case of a legal entity, the power of attorney must be presented with a certified copy of the articles of association.

How much should I pay?

For vehicle release to occur, it is important that there are no outstanding IPVA fines or installments. So the first step is to pay off any debt that may exist.

Another amount to be paid is the daily rate of the courtyard in which the car is held. Works as a parking lot: The final amount is calculated based on the number of days the car was left in place.

Removal is also charged. In São Paulo, the driver must pay R $ 673 for the winch service, while in Rio the value is lower: R $ 188,98. Prices may vary by state and billing agency.

After fees have been paid, you must attend the yard with the clearance provided for vehicle pickup, along with the vehicle registration and licensing certificate and an identification established by the DAT.

What happens if the vehicle is not removed?

Detran Courtyard (Photo: Playback / Flikr)After being screeched, the vehicle is sent to the yard of the responsible body (Photo: Reproduction / Flikr)

There is a deadline for vehicles to be in the yard. As provided in the CTB, if the withdrawal is not made within 60 days, the vehicle will be auctioned.

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