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Guedes says high dollar is good: ‘Maid was going to Disney, …

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Guedes says high dollar is good: ‘Maid was going to Disney, ...


Paulo Guedes (Photo: REUTERS / Adriano Machado)

Economy Minister Paulo Guedes said on Wednesday that the highest dollar is “good for everyone”. He stated that, with the lowest dollar, "everyone" was going to Disney, in the United States, including "domestic worker".

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And he recommended that Brazilians travel through Brazil. – The exchange rate is not nervous, (the exchange rate) has changed. There is no foreign exchange deal at R $ 1.80. Everyone going to Disneyland, maid going to Disneyland, a hell of a party.

Wait a minute. Go for a walk in Foz do Iguaçu, go for a walk there in the Northeast, it's full of beautiful beaches. Go to Cachoeiro do Itapemirim, go to know where Roberto Carlos was born, go to Brazil, go to Brazil. It is full of beautiful things to see – said the minister, during an event in Brasília. On Wednesday, the dollar broke the fourth consecutive record in relation to the real.

The US currency ended the day sold at R $ 4.3505, up 0.55%. For Guedes, the mix of low interest rates and high exchange rates is good, because it increases exports and replaces imports, including in tourism. As he continued his speech, Guedes said: – Before they speak: "Minister says that the maid was going to Disneyland" .

No, the minister is saying that the exchange rate was so cheap that everyone is going to Disneyland, even the social classes more… Then, the Minister of Economy recommended other tourist spots in Brazil. – Everyone has to go to Disneyland meet one day, but not three, four times a year. Because with US $ 1.80 dollars, there were people going four times a year.

He goes three times to Foz do Iguaçu, Chapada Diamantina, knows a little bit of Brazil, goes to see the Amazon jungle. And the fourth time you go to Disneyland, instead of going four times a year.

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