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Government wants to double railroad participation in eight years

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Government wants to double the participation of the railway mode in eight years (Photo: Thinkstock)

The railroads’ share of total transport in Brazil is expected to reach more than 30% in up to eight years. This is the plan of the federal government, according to the Minister of Infrastructure Tarcísio de Freitas. He discussed the Executive’s actions for the area in a webinar promoted by Revista Ferroviária today (10).

Currently, the railway mode accounts for 15% of the Brazilian transport ecosystem. The goal is to double this in the next eight years. Freitas argued that the achievement of this objective should be guaranteed based on the executive’s planned railroad concessions.

“The railway strategy intends to rebalance the transport matrix and double the participation of the railroad in eight years, based on planned and planned investments. We will bring innovations to the regulatory framework in a way that facilitates the arrival of private investment ”, said the minister in the virtual debate.

The holder of the Infrastructure portfolio defended and pointed out the benefits of the concessions. According to him, this model may generate investments and improve the quality of the service with reduced travel times, improved safety and reduced operating costs.

In addition to the new concessions and authorizations, the minister also mentioned within the strategies the early renewal of contracts. He projected that the investments mobilized with these measures could be between R $ 40 billion and R $ 100 billion.


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