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Google fires four employees organizing protests

by ace
Google fires four employees organizing protests

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Google justified the dismissal of these four employees in an internal statement alleging "clear and repeated violations" of the company's data security policies. The truth is that the four employees were organizing a movement protesting against the licensing of two other colleagues.

Google clarifies that 'we want to make it clear that none of these individuals were fired for simply looking at documents or calendars during the course of their normal business' and explains that these employees were' looking for, accessing and distributing business information outside the scope of their business. of their positions, ”cites ArsTechnica.

Activists inside Google say the policies in question are vague and the dismissals were a form of retaliation. The organizers even explain that 'looking at documents outside the workplace is a big part of Google's culture; The company describes it as a benefit in the recruitment phase and even encourages new employees to read project documentation from across the company. Which documents were out of bounds after this policy change? »Some contributors in a Medium post question.



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