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From £500 to $4m: The lowdown on iconic wedding dresses

by ace
From £500 to $4m: The lowdown on iconic wedding dresses

It's supposed to be a day of romance, but it's often the big sums that are discussed on wedding days.

Compared to the dress, the sums do not get much larger. It didn't take a lot of research to find out that in the UK the typical dress of a dress it's around £ 1,385. Suffice it to say that it is much more than most people are used to spending.

The reason we reviewed this was after receiving an interesting infographic in our inbox. A US fashion company has collected some interesting data about some of these iconic dresses and how much they cost:


If we go back to our title, the difference between some of the numbers is terrifying.

For example, in the case of the marriage of Jacqueline Bouvier to John F. Kennedy in 1953, it is understood that her dress costs only $ 500. However, if you move to the marriage of Pengiran Anak Isteri and Crown Prince Al -Muhtadee Billah, $ 4 million will be marked. If you look closely, this $ 4 million figure is also for "local designers," so we're not even talking about a major label designer that most of the dresses on the infographic refer to.

While price has caught our attention, there is also an obvious style to admire in this piece. True, most of the dresses presented are of the traditional white variety, but this also gives an idea of ​​other cultures and how they capture attention on particularly lush days. Again, if we turn to Pengiran Anak Isteri's dress in 2004, it goes without saying that this is significantly different from the dress by Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, who happens to be sitting next to her on the infographic.

If you have time, take a look. From a financial and style standpoint, it is one of the most interesting wedding fashion pieces we have seen in recent months.

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