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Fiocruz launches public call to support vulnerable population

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Fiocruz launches public call to support vulnerable population


Fiocruz launches public call to support vulnerable population (Photo: Fernando Frazão / Agência Brasil)

The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) launched today (9) two actions to help fight the pandemic of the new coronavirus and reduce contagion among the most vulnerable populations and those exposed to contamination. One of them is Covid-19: Public Call to Support Emergency Actions with Vulnerable Populations.

The objective is to finance, throughout the country, projects that contribute to the prevention of contagion in these social groups and also that guarantee minimum conditions of survival for families that suffer economic impacts due to the social isolation measures in force in several cities.

The call divided the proposals into three bands, according to the project budget. The first for up to R $ 10,000, the second for up to R $ 25,000 and the last range accepts proposals that cost up to R $ 50,000. Fiocruz's total budget for the public call is R $ 600 thousand, from donors for the institution to invest in emergency actions to combat the covid-19 pandemic.

Projects must be linked to at least one of these five areas of interest determined by Fiocruz: Food Security; Communication; Mental health; Specific assistance to risk groups; and Actions that facilitate compliance with social exclusion and personal and collective hygiene measures.

Non-profit civil society organizations with a proven track record of working with vulnerable populations can participate. In the case of groups without legal personality operating in socially vulnerable territories, projects must be submitted by a legally constituted partner institution.

According to the president of Fiocruz, Nísia Trindade Lima, the epidemic does not arrive in the same way for all territories, due to the size and inequalities that exist in the country. As a result, containment strategies need to be different, looking at the social realities of each territory in Brazil.

“The public call will allocate the funds received by donations to organize an emergency response for the most vulnerable populations. With this, Fiocruz hopes to fulfill the role it has been playing for 120 years of promoting public health for the entire population ”.

The regulation and registration form can be accessed on the Fiocruz Portal. Proposals will be sent until April 17th and the results will be announced on May 1st.

Multimedia campaign
Another initiative by Fiocruz is the multimedia campaign Se Liga no Corona !, to prevent covid-19 in favelas. The initiative is the result of a partnership with the organization Redes da Maré, associations and councils in Manguinhos, where the institution's campus is located, and the collective Favelas Contra Coronavirus.

Information on the new coronavirus with scientific basis and adapted to the context of the peripheries will be disseminated. The campaign will use formats such as radio soap operas, spots for sound cars, posters, graphics and videos for social media. According to Nísia, the initiative is important to reach an audience for which educational campaigns have not yet been directed.

“So far, prevention guidelines have been addressed to the middle class public: isolation measures in individual rooms, avoiding crowds, alcohol gel and other examples. But we know that this is not the reality of the majority of the population. The campaign appears as one of the institution's efforts, combined with those of our partners in the communities, to face this challenge together ”.

Among the contents made available there are guidelines on hygiene protocols for delivering basic food baskets and distance between people in public places; question and answer videos with experts; theme for photo and profile cover on Facebook; pieces adapted for Instagram stories and feed, among others.

All the content produced by the campaign is available for download on the Fiocruz Portal. Use is free for distribution to collectives, organizations and individuals. In the communities of Maré and Manguinhos, the content will be broadcast on community radios and posted in commercial establishments, bus and motorcycle taxi stations, in neighborhood associations and in other areas of great circulation of people.

The campaign also includes a validation seal for communication materials produced by partner community organizations. The content will be reviewed by experts from Fiocruz and, if applicable, receives a scientific seal with the seal Fiocruz Tá Junto.

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