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Fairy Tail creator thanks 2019 with new sketch

by ace
Fairy Tail creator thanks 2019 with new sketch

Hiro Mashima, the creator of Fairy Tail, had a well-packed 2019 and he took advantage of the end of the year to make a commemorative sketch and to thank all his fans, check below:

今年 も 応 援 あ り が と う! 来年 は 色 々 驚 き の 発 表 が 控 す 皆 さ ん ろ よ よ よ お お お 年 を pic.twitter.com/R2drvE1Inz

– 真 島 ヒ ロ (@hiro_mashima) December 31, 2019

The new adventure of Hiro Mashima (same author of Fairy Tail), Edens Zero, is an unpublished work that arrives in Brazil by JBC Publishing with simultaneous publication with Japan and five other countries in digital format.

Edens Zero is published in Japan in the same way as other regular titles: Each week a chapter of the story is released in Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine. But this time, each chapter will also come out in digital format and, on an ambitious plan by the Japanese publisher, will come out simultaneously in the United States, France, Korea, Thailand and China, as well as in Brazil.


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