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Eddie Brock wins new comic symbiote

by ace
Eddie Brock wins new comic symbiote

The Donny Cates phase is bringing another twist to Eddie Brock. In a new edition of Absolute Carnage, Carnage does the unthinkable: it absorbs Venom and becomes the most powerful version of itself. He gains new form, new skills and is close to reaching his ultimate goal. Yes, Eddie Brock ran out of symbiote.

In previous editions, a machine was introduced that could remove the codices of symbionts that existed on the spines of characters who had contact with the creatures. Eddie goes to such a machine, creates a hole in the side and ends up winning the symbionts that were in the spines of Wolverine, Captain America, Thing and others… And then, we have the birth of a new Venom, able to create wings and fly behind of the carnage.

‘They fell on me. Black rain, digging and growing. The codices… connecting with me… The voices of their former hosts are screaming in my mind… The voice of Captain America barking war orders and strategies. Wolverine's anger ignites an ancient fire in my blood. I see through the eyes of the Hawk Archer. They are all melted inside me. Many voices becoming one. The power… is nothing like I felt before. Something new. Something better. We are the rage of this city. Dressed in armor of an avenging legion. It ends with us. All of us. We are stronger and we are together. And together … us. are. Venom ”



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