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Do you recognise this man? Murder victim’s face digitally reconstructed

by ace
Facial reconstruction of the skull was created by Dundee University. Pic: Met Police

An unknown man murdered more than a decade ago has had his face digitally rebuilt, while detectives are looking to advance their investigation.

Police released an image of the facial reconstruction in an attempt to identify the victim.

His skeletal remains were found in a blue sleeping bag inside an abandoned factory in Forest Gate, East London, on April 29, 2016.

His skull had a visible slit on the left side, while his head and body were partially covered by a black bag. He died of blunt skull injuries.

Police believe he was attacked in a first-floor room of the four-story factory after finding blood matching his DNA.

His DNA found no records in the national database and he was never identified.

Police worked with archaeologists to remove more than 100 industrial bags of rubble from the site.

They recovered almost all of the man's skeletal remains after searching the soil and debris.

Radiocarbon dating of bones, teeth and hair found that the man was between 29 and 35 years old when he was killed between 2003 and 2006.

He is thought to be 5 feet 4ins to 5 feet 8ins tall. It can be from East, South or Central Asia, Indian Subcontinent, European Descendant, North Africa or the Middle East.

Police revealed that a chewing tobacco bag found with it is only officially sold on the Indian subcontinent, while clothing found in the remains was also linked to the same area.

Detective Inspector Darren Jones of Scotland Yard said: "I urge people reading this appeal, especially those living in the area where this man's remains were found, to look closely at the reconstruction and wonder if they saw it. Sound familiar to you? "

Facial reconstruction of the skull was created by experts from the University of Dundee.

There were no arrests.



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