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Coronavirus: Doctors hail students making COVID-19 face-visors in makeshift…

by ace
Coronavirus: Doctors hail students making COVID-19 face-visors in makeshift...

An A-level student and two alumni turned their school into a factory to produce protective equipment to help the NHS during the COVID-19 crisis.

The trio is using 3D printers from their classroom to make facial displays for A&E workers and other healthcare teams.

They are providing the equipment for free and using crowdfunding to pay for raw materials and delivery costs, with orders coming in quickly and quickly.

George Dzavaryan, 22, technical director of Augment Bionics and a former student at Latymer Upper School in Hammersmith, West London, came up with the idea when he realized there was a shortage of protective equipment and the ability to do so on 3D printers in your old school.

Doctors said the viewfinders make them feel much more protected

He recruited his brother Alex, who is an A-level student at the City of London School.

They joined another Latymer Upper School alumnus, Finlay White, 19, an engineering student at Newcastle University, who responded to an advertisement on social media.

They started work on Monday and have already created and delivered 90 visors to a hospital in Wales and have orders for 500 GP surgery units and hospitals in London, Liverpool and parts of Scotland.

George said, "The orders we have are 500 in total, and this is only our fourth day.

"That probably puts us in the next week and maybe in the third week of production. We hope that bigger companies, big colleges of manufacturers in the UK can start to manufacture them by the thousands and tens of thousands.

"But while they are organizing their workshops, we are trying to fill the gap and the need for PPE."

George said he makes it clear that they are not a medical device company.

Alex added: "Normally I would study, but I think it took my head off, helping me to deal with it, at least.

"It is very good because, otherwise, I would sit at home doing nothing, like almost everyone."

"But here I am really doing something, I am useful to the community. I am helping doctors and it is also a lot of fun. It is tiring."

Engineering student Finlay said: "I heard about the project through social media. I sent a message to the teachers involved and asked if they needed help.

"I was moving my thumbs and I needed to find something to do. It felt good to be useful and to do something productive."

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Sky News accompanied Finlay in delivering the classroom at Latymer Upper School to Heathbridge surgery in Putney.

Experimenting with the kit, Dr. Thomas Koczain said that the displays made him feel much more protected.

He said: "Beforehand, you only have the face mask that covers your nose and mouth. But you still feel quite vulnerable, especially if you are in the middle of a procedure or doing chest compressions.

"You are much more protected (with the visor), including your eyes and the rest of your face. Anything we can do to maximize our protection will ultimately lead to more protection for our patients and be there for them."

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