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Comparative: with CVT exchange, new Renault Logan tries his luck against the …

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Renault Logan Iconic x Ford Ka Sedan Titanium (Foto:  Marcos Camargo/Autoesporte)

Renault Logan Iconic and Ford Ka Sedan Titanium (Photo: Marcos Camargo / Autoport)

"Turn on, the guy lifted Logan's suspension." As I wait for my turn to pay, I hear the comment about the new Renault parked in front of the restaurant. The gap between the tire and the wheel box really impresses – you can hide there.

Little did they know that the sedan now comes this way from the factory, four inches higher and the same distance from the Stepway's ground (six inches), let alone that "the guy" was listening to everything.

I explain that this is the unprecedented high-end version Iconic and that the new thing is the automatic CVT. Whenever equipped with this box, Logan comes with the look, say, adventurous.

Ford Ka Sedan Titatinium (Photo: Marcos Camargo / AutoSporte)Ford Ka Sedan Titatinium costs exactly R $ 73,290 (Photo: Marcos Camargo / Autoesporte)

“But is the flashlight the same?” I answer yes. Renault only moved the front: grille, bumper and “C” LED signature headlights. Much more discreet than Sandero, which has horizontal lanterns. If it hasn't changed so much on the outside, Logan has evolved safely.

The car received 14kg of structural reinforcement after scoring a minimum (one star) in Latin NCAP crash tests. Now all versions come standard with four airbags, plus a three-point belt and headrest for everyone. Iconic still has stability control.

“And the price?” I take a deep breath and let it go: R $ 71,090. The value, saltier than the restaurant food, was the end point of the chat. No time to explain that the second-best selling Ford Ka Sedan is $ 2,200 more expensive: $ 73,200 in the Titanium configuration.

Renault Logan Iconic (Photo: Marcos Camargo / Auto Sport)Renault Logan debuts unreleased version of the line, Iconic (Photo: Marcos Camargo / Autoesporte)

Logan and Ka have equal consumption (average 9.5 km / l with ethanol), maintenance, insurance and items. They feature multimedia center (Sync is better than Media Evolution), alloy wheels (Ka 15 rim and Logan 16 rim), rear camera and leather seats.

The Ford has no reverse sensors, but has a starter button and has already been tested on Latin NCAP after the boosters (got 3 stars with two airbags).

  (Photograph:  )The Ka Sedan flashlight has a generic style (Photo: Marcos Camargo / AutoSporte)

The Logan gets the better of space thanks to the 2.63 meters of wheelbase – the Ka Sedan is 14 cm short. He carries three off. The extra 65 liters in the trunk benefit the Renault when traveling.

The sedans approach in the finish. The Ka sins more for the assembly than for the quality of the plastics – the tiny instrument panel is the weak point, it looks like a toy.

Renault Logan Iconic (Photo: Marcos Camargo / Auto Sport)Logan's interior has greatly improved compared to its predecessor (Photo: Marcos Camargo / Autoesporte)

The Logan has greatly improved, with glossy black parts and door inserts. The ergonomics made a leap with the new seats and steering wheel.

On the go, the Ford gets the better of it. The three 1.5 cylinder of up to 136 hp gives the Ka a slight behavior. The gearbox has its flaws, but can better understand with the engine – the Ka was 1 second faster than Logan in the race up to 100 km / h.

The Ford has better pickups, but braking needs even longer spaces than the Renault, which does not stand out.

Renault Logan Iconic (Photo: Marcos Camargo / Auto Sport)All Logan with CVT exchange were raised (Photo: Marcos Camargo / Autoesporte)

The Logan is another car with the CVT. The exchange rate meets well the yearnings in the city. On the road, with slow pickups, it is best to ensure that there is enough room for overtaking.

Look, the torque and power come at a lower speed than Ford. The suspension is still too high; serves to face the hole, but compromises the balance. The electrohydraulic steering is also very heavy for everyday life.

  (Photograph:  ) (Photograph: )

Although a bit smaller, the Ka combines good space, equipment and superior driving pleasure. Logan is the rational purchase (despite costing over $ 70,000). What about the extra $ 2,200? Just let go to restaurants.

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