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Classic comparison: Fiat Fiorino and Ford Pampa with double cab

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Classic comparison: Fiat Fiorino and Ford Pampa with double cab

Small pickups Fiorino and Pampa conquered the market in 90 (Photo: Carlos de Paula)

Comparison originally published in Autoesporte from January 1991

Expanding the range of options offered by automakers, some vehicle manufacturing companies, already traditional in our automobile market, presented in the last Auto Show held in São Paulo versions of small pickups with double cabs. They return to the buyers at the age of ten and with the technical advantages of the experience accumulated during this period.

Of the three companies that we present in this matter, Engerauto, SR and Demec, only the last one presents versions for models of the Fiat and Ford line, basically Fiorino and Pampa, while the others have only double cab models available for Ford's Pampa line.

Small Fiorino, Pampa and Saveiro pickup trucks, (Photo: Carlos de Paula)XP, Tropic and Primo: exclusive versions for those who prefer small pickups. (Photo: Carlos de Paula)

Both, however, have the quality guarantee of the factory itself, obtained after tests required by its engineering. SR and Engerauto products can be obtained, even, anywhere in Brazil, with the support of the Ford dealer network.

There are those who need exactly this type of vehicle or who are not attracted by the high costs of a large double cab pickup. These small ones become more suitable for urban use thanks to their dimensions and ease of technical assistance.

Small Fiorino, Pampa and Saveiro pickup trucks, (Photo: Carlos de Paula)Small Fiorino and Pampa pickup trucks (Photo: Carlos de Paula)

Derived from automobiles, they have the same comfort and safety as their basic models, since they have not undergone mechanical adaptations of any kind. Internally, they can offer more luxury and comfort, since the transformers excel for the good finish and sophistication to the taste of each customer – as long as they are included in their list of options.

Another advantage of obtaining a small double cabin is that you are purchasing an exclusive vehicle, almost to order, ideal for couples with young children and young people, always with the offer of an extra space for small loads and luggage of the most varied.

Small Fiorino, Pampa and Saveiro pickup trucks, (Photo: Carlos de Paula)The finish only depends on the customer's taste and purchasing power (Photo: Carlos de Paula)

This depends on the particular taste, since they all offer different style details and great taste. The Tropic, from Engerauto, is offered in two versions, a standard, with internal finish and standard colors of the Ford line, custom front grille and sunroof with removable fiberglass cover, which makes it suitable for the coast and heat cities intense. In the bucket, another cover, also in fiberglass, ensures the safety of luggage, which can be locked independently to the passenger compartment.

The most luxurious model can be equipped with special wheels, personalized painting and a refined internal finish pattern, with seats and coverings produced by Engerauto itself.

XP, manufactured by SR, draws attention for its sporty style thanks to the changes promoted, mainly, in the vehicle's roof. Higher than in the conventional Pampa, the internal space has increased, and it can even accommodate larger passengers in the rear seat with relative comfort.

As in Tropic, from Engerauto, the spare tire started to have a special support under the bucket, gaining the space it previously occupied for the transportation of payload.

Small Fiorino, Pampa and Saveiro pickup trucks, (Photo: Carlos de Paula)XP has glass on the rear (Photo: Carlos de Paula)

SR also offers two versions, the standard, which uses the conventional Pampa finishing pattern, and the luxury, with a long list of options that includes a sound system with AM / FM radio / tape player, green glass, benches and more expensive coating.

Both XP and Tropic models have a tilting rear window for better internal aeration.

The Primo, produced by Demec, is a special option for Fiat brand users, based on the Fiorino model. Working to order, Demec can also promote transformations in other models of small pickup trucks, such as Volkswagen's Pampa and Saveiro.

Unlike the Tropic and XP models, the Primo is built entirely of sheet steel, with only the back cover of the bucket, considered an accessory, molded in fiberglass.

Small Fiorino, Pampa and Saveiro pickup trucks, (Photo: Carlos de Paula)Tropic Engerauto's removable sunroof reinforces internal ventilation (Photo: Carlos de Paula)

Another difference with Demec is that it only sells the transformation work, while SR and Engerauto sell the ready-made vehicles.

The interior space of Primo is similar to that of Fiat cars, with some restrictions at the rear for people with longer legs. The rear windows tilt, improving ventilation, and the seats and upholstery finish is offered in velvet or leather.

Other options are the activation of windows and automatic rear-view mirrors, sound systems, personalized painting, green windows and electric door locks.

The variations between the double cab pickups of the several existing manufacturers are countless, to the point that the purchase of one of these vehicles resembles the acquisition of a new suit. The client's particular taste and purchasing power are worth it.

The options are many, especially among large pickups. Small ones, on the other hand, can be purchased only from these three manufacturers: Engerauto, through the Ford dealer network; SR, also through the Ford dealer network and the authorized SR network; and Demec, next to the factory itself, in the city of Diadema, in São Paulo.

Prices (December 1990) vary between Cr $ 530,000 – about R $ 21,800 in adjusted amounts – (Pampa and Fiorino, at Demec – transformation only) and Cr $ 2,500,000 to Cr $ 3,000,000 – R $ 143 thousand to R $ 171 thousand (Pampa, Engerauto and SR models).


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