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CES: Razer launches accessory that turns smartphones into a "Nintendo Switch"

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CES: Razer launches accessory that turns smartphones into a "Nintendo Switch"

Razer has introduced a smartphone accessory that adds two dedicated video game controllers. The Razer Kishi controller can be divided into two parts – similar to the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controls – which attach on either side of the smartphone when it is horizontal. In the end, even the look of the phone looks like that of the Nintendo console.

According to information disclosed at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), the Razer Kishi will be available at the "early 2020" and the price is expected to be around $ 100, about 89 euros at current exchange rates. The command will be available in Android and iOS versions and soon addresses one of the criticisms that had been pointed to a similar peripheral announced by the brand in 2019 – the Junglecat – and which was only compatible with four Android smartphones.

For added compatibility, the Razer Kishi can be used with smartphones that have a USB-C port for Android and Lightning port for Apple iPhone. But then game compatibility is also needed – and on this issue Razer said in a statement that “Kishi for Android supports most Android compatible games, while Kishi for iOS supports all command-supported games. Made For iPhone (MFi) ».

Thanks to the physical connection, the Kishi controller is loaded directly from the smartphone and, according to Razer, allows you to decrease the response time (latency) between pressing the button and seeing the action taken in the game.

Still according to the brand of peripherals, more than a "direct" confrontation with Nintendo Switch, this accessory was designed for the growth of platforms that distribute video games through the cloud – such as Google Stadia or Xbox Project xCloud – and allow play titles with cutting-edge graphics on mobile devices.


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