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Bzigo: the laser-using mosquito hunter

by ace
Bzigo: the laser-using mosquito hunter

Bzigo's visual monitoring system can detect mosquitoes at distances up to eight meters. The system uses a laser, infrared camera, and machine vision algorithms to track and help the user eliminate insects. The 850 nm proximity camera, infrared illuminators and wide-angle lens ensure detection in a room, day or night. Once an insect is detected, Bzigo emits a laser that follows it until it lands and draws a box around it so that the user can see and act on it, reports IEEE Spectrum.

The system is based on motion detection and analysis rather than visual identification of what will be a mosquito. Four 1 GHz processing cores are operating continuously to ensure this tracking, resulting in a reduction of false positives to less than 1% and 90% detection of landings in a room.

The Israeli startup took four years to develop this system which, it is recalled, works only for mosquito identification and detection and not to eliminate them. The company plans to launch Bzigo v2 which will be based on a custom nano-drone to eliminate insects as well as detect them.

The first version of the system is expected to hit the market within 12 to 14 months, with a price tag of around $ 170.


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