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Byton proposes to put 48-inch screen on car dashboard

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Byton proposes to put 48-inch screen on car dashboard

The M-Byte SUV is a pre-production unit and is being used by Byton to demonstrate the concept of having a car with a 48 ”dashboard display. The Verge had a chance to test the vehicle for a few minutes and found that the design of the screen, almost as if sinking into the interior, makes it not as intrusive or distracting as you might think. The company is betting on more displays inside, including a touch panel on the steering wheel and another placed on a center console.

The main screen interface can be customized with different widgets and each section can be turned off. Although video playback is possible, it is not available when on the move. The remaining widgets also update only when the vehicle is stationary. Jeff Chung, vice president of digital engineering at Byton, explains that these choices are due to the desire to make the screen less likely to distract the driver.

A screen of this size may not necessarily be indispensable in a car, but Byton wants to "give users time back". In a scenario with autonomous cars, a screen of this size may open more possibilities for users, but today it will not really be a necessity for the basic function of cars.

It is recalled that Tesla distinguished itself with the large screens in the car, Sony has also recently shown a multi-screen dashboard and Cadillac plans to put a 38-inch screen on the new Escalade, so Byton will not be alone in this race.
Watch the video prepared by The Verge about this proposal from the Chinese startup.


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