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Bloomberg and Trump Buy Super Bowl Ads at $10 Million Each

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Bloomberg and Trump Buy Super Bowl Ads at $10 Million Each

The Bloomberg campaign continued to set political advertising records for a presidential candidate, having already spent nearly $ 170 million on digital and television advertising, according to Advertising Analytics, an ad-tracking firm. Bloomberg, the billionaire media owner and former mayor of New York, is funding his campaign with his own money and is not soliciting donations.

"We have the means to promote a national campaign unlike any other candidate," said Frazier.

Bloomberg has made Trump's target a central element of his advertising strategy. Before announcing his candidacy, he promised to spend $ 100 million on ads criticizing the president. And since he began his bid, his campaign has unleashed a flood of Facebook attack ads in election states, seeking to erode support for Trump, highlighting what Bloomberg calls broken promises in infrastructure, healthcare and dysfunctions. in Washington.

Super Bowl ads are rarely seen in presidential politics. While some campaigns made local ad purchases during the previous Super Bowls, national buying is often out of reach given the expense. It's also generally considered a waste to pay to reach an audience of 50 states rather than buying ads in the major states where campaigns prefer to target your message.

But Bloomberg is conducting an unconventional primary campaign, with strong national emphasis, choosing to avoid the four states holding the first and primary meetings in February and instead focusing its efforts on Super Tuesday, March 3, when 14 states will vote.

"It's really smart for Bloomberg," said Ken Goldstein, professor of politics at the University of San Francisco. “Bloomberg is running a national campaign, and the most efficient way to reach many people in a national campaign is by buying an ad on a top-rated program. And, as expensive as it is, it's cheaper than buying the ad market by market. "

Trump's campaign also has deep pockets. He said last week that he had raised $ 46 million in the last three months of 2019 and was entering 2020 with $ 102.7 million in cash available.

Super Bowl announcements air at a politically potent moment: Iowa's caucuses are the day after the game (although Bloomberg said he isn't competing in them), and Trump is scheduled to deliver his State of the Union address to Night after that.

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