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Best (And Worst) Cities for a Healthy Lifestyle

by ace
Best (And Worst) Cities for a Healthy Lifestyle

Whether you are a self-proclaimed health professional or recently trying to commit to a healthier lifestyle, it can be difficult to really achieve diet and fitness goals. While your character and personal motivations play a big role in your success or failure, the environment is also a great contributor to consider.

According to a recent review by Life Storage, some cities are better for healthy nuts than others. From the variety of outdoor gyms and parks to menu choices at local restaurants, your city may be responsible for not meeting all of your fitness goals.


LA and NYC are leading the health kick

By almost all measures, Los Angeles and New York are among the top cities that have the most health care options. Both cities have over 1,000 nutritionists, more than double the next major cities. NYC has 2,166 gyms or fitness centers, encouraging citizens to get up and stay active. Admittedly, they need to have something to compensate for New York's endless bread and pizza.

But if you don't like bagels and pizza, New York has most restaurants with vegan / vegetarian options and juices. While authentic street food may be calling your name as you walk the Big Apple, there are definitely options for those trying to clean their diet.

Apparently the west coast is home to healthy chestnuts, which also love the outdoors. While there are plenty of options for gym junkies, Los Angeles has the most popular trails and parks in the US, allowing for the double benefit of working out and enjoying nature. LA also has more farmers markets which is a great opportunity for people to cut processed foods while eating locals.

Smaller city equals fewer options

Not surprisingly, the cities that always appear among the worst in terms of variety are also some of the smallest cities in the US. Cities like Hartford, Connecticut, Providence, Rhode Island, and Grand Rapids, Michigan, are among those that often appear at the lower end of a variety of measures.

With only 67 gyms in Hartford, it can be hard to find the motivation to dive into the fitness world. Unlike New York, where there will certainly be a gym specifically designed to match your interests and expertise, you have limited options on where you can work out.

Also, going to the same gym every day can lead to an exhaustively repetitive routine. There are ways to beat your boredom at the gymBut it's definitely harder to develop a new lifestyle if your gym is no longer thrilling you.

The good thing with the growing popularity of health nuts is that there will surely be more options coming up gradually. More and more people are buying trends like fitness and boutique juices, so more companies are created to accommodate these crazes.

Smaller cities may be slower to hold on to this trend, but they will eventually reach the newer, better lifestyle that all of their big city friends are loving. You may need to be more patient in smaller cities, but there will be more options in your hometown before you know it!



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