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Are you a MacMagazine boss? Thank you! – MacMagazine.com

by ace
Are you a MacMagazine boss? Thank you! - MacMagazine.com

Every month, we make a point of thanking everyone who is supporting us by Patreon or by Catharsis.

For those who don't know, MacMagazine has been producing non-stop content for over 10 years. We have published over 56,700 articles, over 330 episodes of our podcast, dozens of videos on YouTube and moderated a forum with over 56,000 registered members and over 413,000 posts.

It's not easy to keep it up for so long – much less with the level of dedication and quality we impose on ourselves on a daily basis. Want a test? We are one of the few sites constantly updated on weekends and holidays! And although we count on the collaboration of a team which we are very proud of, the “bulk” of the site is maintained primarily by the Rafael Fischmann and Eduardo Marques, and two writers.

The monthly costs of this operation – including hosting our entire infrastructure, remuneration of MM Forum writers / columnists and moderators, technical troubleshooting, video writing and recording equipment, etc. – are quite high. The idea from the start was that the whole project could be supported by advertising, but unfortunately this is not the reality.

That's why we opened the Patreon it's the Catharsis: so that you, who follow our work closely, can support us financially in order to keep this whole project active and constantly growing. No matter how much you support us; we are equally and eternally grateful to all!

There are 197 people in our bosses today. In addition to supporting us, everyone gets some reward as participating in the sweepstakes we carry out on the site, being able to follow the recordings of our live podcast – and even participating in an episode! – have priority to travel with us in future MM Tours, access our closed Facebook group to chat with staff and other bosses, among other things.

Still, we are far from hitting our goal. Of course, 197 is an incredible number, but it is not even 0.1% of the public that follows our work daily. And make no mistake: any contribution, whatever its value, is most welcome!

We are therefore absurdly grateful to all who support our work on MacMagazine, in particular our employers listed below. Know that * all * of you are contributing enormously to the maintenance of our project.

Thank you so much guys! 😀



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