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Apple Arcade wins four new games, including PAC-MAN Party Royale – …

by ace
Apple Arcade wins four new games, including PAC-MAN Party Royale - ...

And Apple is really delivering on its promise to add new titles weekly to its subscription gaming platform. After five new games last friday, Apple Arcade today has gained four new options for entertaining users and providing hours of fun.

Let's take a look at what's new?

PAC-MAN Part Royale

PAC-MAN Party Royale, by BANDAI NAMCO, is the first title for the Apple Arcade starring the iconic yellowing yawn character. In the title, up to four players battle in an arena until only one is standing – at the same time, of course, all dodging the notorious ghosts and other obstacles.

Manifold garden

Manifold gardenThis, in turn, is a puzzle set in a world where the laws of physics do not exist – you, on your own, must figure out how things work there and proceed with your constructions to advance the game. The title of William Chyr Studio has spent seven years in development, which shows the degree of care and complexity of the whole thing.

Ballistic Baseball

We also have the entrance of Ballistic Baseballfrom Gameloft. The game is a duel between the pitcher and the batter in which you have to apply all your strategy to get out – both in single player mode and against a real opponent.

Things That Go Bump

Lastly, Things That Go Bump, by Tiny Bop, is a platform game in which you can challenge up to three friends by taking on the skin of a Yokai, a spirit that lives within such bouncing things featured in the title. The idea is to escape from the drawer, battle your opponents and see who stands out throughout the night.

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The new games are now available on Apple Arcade for iPhones, iPads, iPods, Macs and Apple TVs. Have fun! 🕹



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