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Analyze acne level on skin? There is an app for that

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Analyze acne level on skin? There is an app for that

It is called Effaclar Spotscan and is intended to be an extension of an appointment with a specialist dermatologist. La Roche-Posay's new app uses Artificial Intelligence to assess the level of acne on the face. The application maintains a personalized follow-up and allows follow-up after diagnosis, helping to avoid excessive skin cleansing with irritants, bacterial proliferation and dead cells. The system is also designed to help maintain an extra dose of motivation to keep your skin healthy for years to come, the press release explains.

Interested users should download the app, capture three photos (front, right and left) and upload them to the system. The service will analyze the images to the smallest detail, find imperfections, differentiate them from each other (blisters, pigmentation or black spots) and calculate the acne level of the skin. From a certain level it is even recommended to consult with a specialist.

The application has a Before / After feature that shows expected results if the suggested routine is followed. In the development of this system, La Roche-Posay had the collaboration of experts to analyze more than six thousand photos of men and women, of different ethnicities, with diverse skin types and severity levels of acne.

The app is available for Android 5.0 or higher and iPhone 5S and successors.



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