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An early Google employee filmed inside the company’s garage office in 1998—take…

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On Tuesday Larry Page and Sergey Brin announced that they will step down as CEO and president of Google's parent company Alphabet, which today has a market value of over $ 890 billion and more than 100,000 employees.

"We are deeply humiliated to see a small research project turn into a source of knowledge and empowerment for billions – a bet we made as two Stanford students that led to a plethora of other technology bets," Page and Brin wrote in a blog post Tuesday announcing the change.

"We couldn't imagine in 1998, when we moved our servers from a dorm to a garage, the journey would follow."

In fact, before there was Alphabet and before searching Google for a verb, Google was a new Internet search engine that Page and Brin, then Ph.D. students at Stanford University, ran out of a small, messy garage in. Menlo Park, California.

That year, one of the first Google employees filmed a video tour of the garage office, embedded below.

"This is our garage," says the unnamed Google employee in the video. "We have a ping pong table, computers. Across the office is our hacking room."

The tour includes the employee's garage and office, as well as Page's.

Page and Brin rented garage space for $ 1,700 a month with Susan Wojcicki. At the time, Wojcicki was working in Intel's marketing department.

"I was worried about covering the mortgage. So I was willing to rent my garage to any student," Wojcicki told Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes, "in an interview aired on Sunday." When two students showed up. One was called Sergey Brin. The other was called Larry Page. They are the founders of Google. But at the time, they were just students. They looked like other students. "

The following year, Wojcicki became the company's 16th employee, working as its first marketing manager. Wojcicki is now the CEO of YouTube, owned by Alphabet. (Brin also married and later divorced Wojcicki's sister, Anne.)

In 1999, Google moved to a real office space in Palo Alto, California. In 2003, the company rented its "Googleplex" headquarters in Mountain View, California. (Google reported $ 220,000 in annual revenue in 99 and nearly $ 1 billion in 2003.)

Since then, Google has spent billions on office properties across California, the country, and the world.

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